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Blackberry Classic will not accept my password.

I am now on 7/10 tries No one has or had access to the device After try 5 it said type "blackberry" which I did then again tried password which it

by shannon Last post 1 minute ago 3 1

Where can I get a SlimPort ?

I want to connect my BlackBerry Priv to HDMI (TV) I used screen mirroring but this TV doesn't accept it I need to get a SlimPort Shopblackberry used

by nevdull Last post 3 minutes ago 3 1

Help with upgrading from 1511 to 1607 problem

I have tried upgrading my laptop (Samsung Chronos 7) with windows 10 x64 1511 to Windows 10 x64 1607 with no avail I have tried online upgrade and

by yiffyfox Last post 6 minutes ago 3 1

Changes on phone no longer made on computer

I recently replaced my dying Nokia Lumia 735 with a Microsoft Lumia 640 The transfer went for the most part without any glitch However I have noticed

by merulz Last post 9 minutes ago 18 5

Will DTek 50 cases fit the new 60?

There are no other options than Blackberry's line of cases yet I don't buy leather but I want more than just a hard back to protect my phone I don't

by jons5150 Last post 3 hours ago 14 3

watch cnn on my surface rt

How can I watch Infinity Tv on my Surface rt? it wont play

by trevhcs Last post 3 hours ago 5 1

Calendar Question

Hi br/> has anyone worked out how to sync multiple calendars within the one outlook account ( on premise or 365 account ) the option under accounts

by pixipowered Last post 3 hours ago 5 1

[DTEK 50] Where can I find/buy a screen replacement?

I've got a DTEK 50 and recently I dropped it and cracked the screen Because of this I am no longer able to use the top half of the display because

by digitalje5u5 Last post 4 hours ago 6 1

hi, I have passport for 8 month and its gets so slow, pleas help me it is freaking me out

I have it for 8 month and its gets so slow and it shows me some lagg an bugs dont know what to do it is freaking me out If I must umdate my software

by dianaward Last post 4 hours ago 9 2

Wells Fargo App on Windows 10 Phone will not login, passes error?

Starting today (10/25/2016) When I open the Wells Fargo app and try to login it coms up with the following error: "Our system is currently

by itglists Last post 4 hours ago 17 5

Nokia lumia 1520 replacement screen

Hey guys my lumia 1520 screen is out of its rubber thingy so it is very important to me to suggest from where i can get replacement screen the one

by sovereign6 Last post 4 hours ago 6 1

G10+ App release

Hello i recently released an app G10+ a Google+ client for BlackBerry 10 that offers the following services to name a few: Upload Photos Videos and

by mysqlwebmaster Last post 6 hours ago 14 4

Blackberry Mercury

Anybody got any info on the Mercury and specs?

by jdgo Last post 6 hours ago 6 1

my blackberry passport can't support Whatsapp after the 31 décembre 2016..i need!!

I need solution for dowload google play store for continue to used whatsapp in junary !

by laura Last post 7 hours ago 16 3

Passport and Facebook confusion

Since FB no longer supports BB what is best configuration to get FB email notifications on my Passport I deleted the FB app and saved FB on my home

by dilipsam Last post 7 hours ago 41 10