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Why are my external hard drives showing?

I upgrade to windows 10 anniversary and now my 2 external hard drive don't show They still work i tested them on my windows 7 laptop i can see all my

by myeclipse Last post 1 minute ago 3 1

Windows 10 Lumina 950 mobile , photo app will not stay open. Is there a fix coming?

I recently downloaded a large update for my Lumina 950 Mobile Phone since then when I try to open my photos they close straight after opening

by pood Last post 4 minutes ago 12 3

Why does a shared link led you to the logon screen?

I gave shared links to my students Some with editing rights and others without editing rights When the link is clicked they are taken sometimes to

by digitalgypsy Last post 7 minutes ago 3 1

blackberry z10 doesn't recognize at&t sim card on a unlocked z10

I bought a unlocked Z10 inserted my at&t sim card and NOTHING! I checked in the phone and it shows unlocked I got another z10 and my sim card was

by andrewsnider Last post 1 hour ago 8 2

Priv sends Sms file to another device without your control or record?

My spouses Priv just recieved an Sms file from me However i did not send one and there is no record of it on my phone Wtf? Before it could finish

by rliddle Last post 1 hour ago 4 1

Has this site become "Games Central?"

I used to read a lot of great articles and information from other Windows enthusiasists about the operating system and possible upcoming new devices

by nthan15 Last post 1 hour ago 4 1

Multiple problems with my BlackBerry Q5

Hello Last night my mobile got completely turned off & i am trying to charge it it's been an hour but still some green+yellow led light is blinking

by subnet_rx Last post 4 hours ago 11 2

My BlackBerry Priv won't fully turn on

My blackberry priv wont turn on My phone was in my bag during a meeting not even used and when i picked it up i had alot of notifications saying wifi

by mopacfan Last post 4 hours ago 5 1

how do i turn on wifi in airplane mode - priv 6.0

I need to turn on airplane mode because I am travelling However I still want to get internet I read that in airplane mode I can "turn on" wifi How do

by fluxpattern Last post 4 hours ago 8 2

Migrating data from Q10 to BB Classic with non working usb port

i am trying to migrate from A Bb Q10 to The BB Classic however the usb port on my Q10 is physically broken Whats my easiest way to transfer all the

by xprs Last post 4 hours ago 45 11

How exactly can I update my Lumia 950 to the Windows Phone 10 Anniversary update or 14393.0

I've wanted to download an app called Clamour but I need a newer version of Windows Phone 10 I am part of the insider preview and have searched for

by quadcity Last post 4 hours ago 5 1

Change a windows sound to a "selection" of sounds?

I'd like to know if you can change a certain windows sound to a "selection" of sounds For example configuring windows start up sound to 3 different

by jocs Last post 4 hours ago 6 1

Turning old WP into security cam

Does anyone know of an app that would turn my 1520 into a security camera BUT would be compatible and viewed from an iPhone?

by rudi Last post 4 hours ago 6 1

Is there anything I could do to fix faulty heaphone jack/pins inside stuck?

I bought a Passport about a month ago and the pins inside headphone jack are stuck and the headphones are not making a good connection so I can't

by mjstankiewicz Last post 5 hours ago 17 4

My bb q10 is dead. Who can I send to for repairs?

I damaged the screen of my bb q10 I purchased a replacement screen but after it was replaced it wouldn't turn on

by wcolby Last post 5 hours ago 5 1