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Unable to update Passport

Hello last week I bought a blackberry passport in Greece from amazon and I have had my share of issues however most importantly i am troubled

by onek02 Last post 4 minutes ago 3 1

Why i cant update from10.3.0.908

My passport is running 10 3 0 908 but i get no update in the update section Anyone knows why?I bought it last week in Greece from Amazon I also use

by adria Last post 7 minutes ago 12 4
18 and addresses on windows phone

Is anyone aware of a work around for making sympatico ca and bell net addresses to work on windows phone email application Some background: These

by vrindavan Last post 13 minutes ago 18 5

What is wrong with my laptop?

Hello I'm having DELL laptop and i have some problems and i don't know where to ask so i am searching for help My laptop is running only on charger

by jaxxkr Last post 16 minutes ago 8 2

why my windows store alway loading? how can i fix it?

it's also loading I have wait for 2 3h but it still loading

by snowthunder Last post 22 minutes ago 4 1

12.5in HP Pro X2 612 G1 Tablet Intel Core i5 8GB RAM 180GB SSD Windows 7

Can i upgrade to windows 10 (free?)

by j1e1g1 Last post 2 hour ago 4 1

I have Linux on my Laptop. How do I download photos from my 4 yr old Blackberry 10

Phone and camera work OK but I cannot retrieve photos from it

by aneelthm Last post 3 hours ago 14 3

how to download photos

Blackberry 10 to a Linux on a Laptop

by firefoxpat Last post 3 hours ago 6 1

no headset is working properly of right side

Hello in my mobile am enable to hear one of the earphones when pluged in and facing the same problem when I use the random earphones I just ear the

by devnull4u Last post 3 hours ago 5 1

can't see contacts on new lumia 950

I backed up my apps and settings from my old lumia 930 using my MS account but when I try to use my new lumia 950 the contacts and texts are not

by miles Last post 5 hours ago 7 1

Blackberry passport Function

hay Everyone I Used Blackberry Passport i Did Security Wipe And After Finished Security Wipe Software Gets Update It self then when i open my phone

by lever Last post 6 hours ago 15 4

blackberry classic

memory card will not detect after restarting the phone otherwise ok

by besthealth Last post 6 hours ago 6 1

Lumia 1520 Battery Dead near 40%

Hi #128587; I have a Lumia 1520 which is working for about 3 years recently I have a problem with my battery percentage for example OS shows that I

by tduchch Last post 8 hours ago 7 1

Travel app for DTEK60?

I miss the Blackberry Travel app on BB OS 10 any Travel app recommendations for DTEK60? Thanks

by ferret77 Last post 12 hours ago 15 3