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9.3.1 website buttons won't work

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I know iOS 9.3.1 was put in place to fix a bug that would not allow links to open (I was one of the people that had the problem) and, yes, it did fix that....but there is another problem. Now the websites will open, but none of the buttons will work (menu, search line, calendars, product information, all buttons on websites, etc.). This is the case will ALL websites that I have tried to work with on the phone so it is not a problem with the websites themselves. Please fix this one too!
Asked: 05:09 21/05/2016
gcc 05:09 21/05/2016
I am presuming you have tried a different browser such as Opera or Chrome

Also try (if you have not)

Settings - Safari - Clear Website history and data

If the issue persists - you can Make a "Genius" appointment at an Apple Store, or go to another authorized service provider.

OR provide feedback to Apple at
rbucich 05:09 21/05/2016
The problem was with Safari as I described so I'm not sure why you are saying to try another browser - you need to fix what is wrong with your iOS working with your browser. The problem was with your upgrade. If you can't handle the problems with your own upgrades impacting your own browser, then maybe you need to stop making iPhones.

I tried clearing the Safari history and data as you recommended and it did not work.

I am not happy that every time I do an upgrade to your iOS I need to have another upgrade to fix the bugs from the last upgrade. Or that I have to go to the Apple store to get the problem corrected.

This is unacceptable.

9.3.1 website buttons won't work

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