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A 100% AUTOMATIC text-reply / response option?

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Is there a 100% AUTOMATIC text-reply option? I'm going on a vacation and want to completely unplug. However, while gone, I want my phone (left at home) to auto-text a reply back to anyone who sends me text, so they know I'm on vacation and who to contact instead.

All I've found this far in my searches are "auto" replies that require me to actually touch the screen to send the reply.

Setting change, or a paid-app will do. Just want the solution. Thank you
Asked: 00:18 18/02/2016
arestia 00:18 18/02/2016
Sorry not an iphone feature, so you won't have an auto-reply.

I can't say the same for apps, have you search the app store?
cellsina 00:18 18/02/2016
Thanks for the response.

I did search the app store as well with a few different varying words, and didn't really come up with what I was looking for. I attempted for about five minutes and then turned to the apple forum hoping someone else has dealt with this. It's surprising to me that it's not an option.

Do you have any input or knowledge perhaps about if I were to completely disable my text and/or SMS function on the phone: is this possible? And if done, would the text-sender be notified/aware that the message was not delivered?
bharat 00:18 18/02/2016
You might want to call your cell provider and ask that question and see if they have something available, SMS is within their purview. I don't know of anything that will do this for iMessage.
cellsina 00:18 18/02/2016
I found the solution! For Verizon users, there is an app that can be downloaded in the App Store. Just search the words 'Verizon messages.'

it has the ability to do a ton of things that I don't need, however if you download it and go to the settings area, it is very easy to set up an auto text reply that will reply automatically without you having your phone at all. And it also has a Calendar allowing you to set an end-date.
usandr 00:18 18/02/2016
It also has the rather interesting ability to let you sync your SMS messages to a tablet (iPhone or Android) and use your mobile number to send messages from that device as well. And, while you are abroad, should you have access to a computer and internet, you can log onto your Verizon account and send messages from your mobile number from a computer.
spyder 00:18 18/02/2016
This worked very well. Thanks so much.
steviesullivan 00:18 18/02/2016
This is absolutely the best option I have found for my iPhone. Thank you so much for the tip!
paradox 00:18 18/02/2016
Still 100% NOTHING for AT&T Wireless iPhone users! AT&T does offer a Drive time app that auto kicks in at 15 mph, but shuts off all Bluetooth, calling (including 911), and then doesn't show the calls or messages made for however long you were going 15mph or faster!

Sweet solution AT&T Wireless! Thanks!!!
danbollen 00:18 18/02/2016
Does it still work when the phone is off or on airplane mode? I'm sure it does but just want to make sure the app doesn't have to be running and connected to work.
manicgirl 00:18 18/02/2016
I downloaded, deleted, and reloaded the Verizon Messages app and correctly set up auto-reply, but it never worked. I even stopped in a Verizon store and they didn't seem to understand what their auto-reply was supposed to do. I even tried turning off my iPhone Imessage to see if that worked, so that perhaps the auto-reply would kick in via SMS. Nothing.

So basically: I typed in an auto-reply message, turned auto-reply button on, and put the time for it to kick in. Nothing. I had several texts and asked if the testers received an auto-reply and they said, "No."

Any suggestions? you know if the auto-reply actually works with iPhone? Thanks.

A 100% AUTOMATIC text-reply / response option?

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