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Accidentally deleted a file.

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I have deleted a file on my samsung tab 4 tablet and would like to recover it. Any suggestions?
Asked: 10:24 02/04/2016
leif 10:24 02/04/2016
What kind of file is it? Are you asking about a picture/video/document or a system file?
peebeenz 10:24 02/04/2016
The file was a word document.The tablet has not been used since. Thanks for your help.
leif 10:24 02/04/2016
Have you checked your Google Drive trash bin using a desktop browser? If you synced your Google Docs with Google Drive, it might be in the trash bin.
peebeenz 10:24 02/04/2016
I have not tried that. Great advice.

Accidentally deleted a file.

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