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After Windows 10 Anniversary Update, computer will not complete boot-up

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The Windows 10 Anniversary update automatically installed on my HP Laptop computer. Following the update installation when the computer restarted to activate the changes, several minutes of activity was followed by the loading symbol just circling and circling. This went on for hours with a gray or black screen and only the loading symbol. In order to stop the never ending loading, I had to manually shutdown the computer. Upon restart, the same thing happened. At the second manual shutdown and restart, Windows went to the previous version and all was good until the anniversary update was again automatically installed. This process has been repeated three times. The only differences being that after the second time I deleted the update files in hopes that new update files would not be corrupt. Still no luck.
Asked: 00:27 08/12/2016
mia 00:27 08/12/2016
Hi to MobiFAQ. This has been discussed thoroughly here on the forum. There are several options to try.
Here's a WC link. If you need more help, please join the forum do you can reply! Here's a anniversary .exe file you might try! Can't update Windows 10
mia 00:27 08/12/2016
Hi have created a thread here on the forum that might help you with this issue! Here's how to run a failed update!

After Windows 10 Anniversary Update, computer will not complete boot-up

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