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after windows anniversary update pc is on a loop

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i have tried turning it on and dows but is has been on a loop for 12 hours. All I see is a black scree with revolving white dots
Asked: 23:42 29/09/2016
jeremyalyea 23:42 29/09/2016
Hi welcoem to windwos central forums
try this , i found this fix on many forums where user reported similar issue like yours
On spinning wheel screen hit CTRL+ALT+DELETE
Computer will Restart
Press the boot key to start the computer in boot menu
Go to boot menu
Under boot menu select the option to revert to previous build
Trigger the Windows 10 upgrade process once more
Shutdown the Computer
Then Restart while pressing shift key
Wait for the setup (It Fixes the problem automatically)
If you have the bootable CD/DVD/USB of Windows 10 Boot it and choose Repair, detect the problem then fix it there This will definitely help you to resolve the problem

after windows anniversary update pc is on a loop

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