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Android 4.4 on LGL34C keeps turning wifi off when in use

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I understand that paying $10 for an LGL34C from Tracfone means I have a pretty crappy phone, but I still have no explanation for why this is happening.

I have my WiFi turned on, and I have it set to stay on during sleep and when it can't find a wifi network to connect to. This works just fine at home, but I work at Target, which has a semi-gated wifi. On my Mac laptop and iPad, I've gotten their terms of use and needed to hit "agree and connect," but only once and it stayed connected just fine. My phone, however, doesn't pull up the TOU for Target (it's done so with other networks), but it does work just fine...when my wifi stays on.

That's the problem here - it's not that it drops the connection (which it sometimes does, because the wifi is crappy), it's that my phone very frequently disconnects me by turning the wifi off completely (and then I have to enable it again and select "Target Wi-Fi" every. time. I don't know how it can remember my home wifi but not my work wifi!). And I mean frequently as in "within ten seconds of enabling it." I've watched the icon go back to "off" a few seconds after I enabled it again. Some days I seem to spend half of my breaks enabling the wifi again.

I just want to know why it's doing this and how I can get it to stop. I've tried "keep wifi on" apps, but they're designed for keeping wifi on during sleep (which is not my issue - the wifi stays on during sleep at home).
Asked: 04:33 12/04/2016
ilovemydoggy 04:33 12/04/2016
Welcome to MobiFAQ! Do you have any power saving modes turned on? Does this happen in Safe Mode, which temporarily disables all 3rd party apps? On most Android devices, while powered on, press and hold Power until the Power Off menu appears. Press and hold the Power Off selection until the Safe Mode prompt appears. Tap OK.

On LG devices, it might be different--you might have to press and hold Vol Down during the boot process until the homescreen appears in Safe Mode.

Regarding not getting the Target login popup screen--go to Settings>Apps, and make sure you didn't disable CaptivePortalLogin.
holyman 04:33 12/04/2016
(ah, that was me) I don't have any power-saving modes active. I'll have to wait to test it in safe-mode (I did get it to boot that way, thank you).

I don't seem to have any app by that name, disabled or otherwise. Like I said, the lack of a login screen doesn't seem to affect my ability to use the wifi anyway. There are days where my phone will go for a while without turning off the wifi, and then there are days where it'll shut off ten times in ten minutes while I'm using Skype or Tumblr or Cartwheel. It's frustrating, especially since there are apps I'm anticipating that will require my having a constant internet connection, and the frequent wifi shutoffs will eat into my precious data :/

Android 4.4 on LGL34C keeps turning wifi off when in use

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Android 4.4 on LGL34C keeps turning wifi off when in use

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