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Where can I buy a charging cable for my new Casio WSD-F10 watch?

I'd like an extra charging cable Does anyone know where to buy one? Also can the cable be plugged into any USB wall wart...

by privateice Last post 03:12 17/04/2016 652 3

S4 mini won't power up. Please help?

I have had my S4 mini for about 2 5 years now and up until a few months ago everything was going fine One day it refused to...

by gede Last post 03:09 17/04/2016 959 1

Why won't my Droid X recognize my replacement battery?

I have a spare battery which is the same make model and manufact as original battery yet I get a question mark in the battery...

by tazzam Last post 03:06 17/04/2016 772 1

How do I turn off the smart lock feature on my LG Risio h343?

I want to disable the smartlock feature on my lg risio one day it just turned on and has proven to be more of an inconvience...

by janecompersnews Last post 03:03 17/04/2016 826 1

How do you properly charge lithium ion batteries?

To keep cell phone batteries properly charged to last as long as possible

by infoscripts Last post 03:00 17/04/2016 618 1

Can I please get some help sending and receiving text messages?

I can't find any help on how to set up my email send/receive texts and tried to transfer my contacts from my iPhone 5S to my...

by fluxpattern Last post 02:57 17/04/2016 727 1

How do I sync Outlook calendar on my PC with Google calendar on my new Galaxy S7?

I have a detailed Outlook calendar on my computer that I want to put on my new Samsung Galaxy7 I assume I have to sync it with...

by jonathanleger Last post 02:54 17/04/2016 873 3

Re: Marshmallow update for LG G3 - I can't set a time frame for silent mode. Why?

I used to be able to press the down button on the back of the phone which would bring up the option to turn the phone sound off...

by boogle Last post 02:51 17/04/2016 1010 4

Why I have not got themes on my New S7 Edge?

It should be just after "wallpaper" but it skip to "Lock screen and security"

by jayson.kopkings Last post 02:48 17/04/2016 561 3

?!?Device Not Compatible!?!?!?

Nexus 7 (2013) Stock Factory Image 6 0 1 Google Play Angry Birds Pop Any insight as to why Play would tell me my device is "Not...

by thewormman Last post 02:45 17/04/2016 778 6

Can I undo an accidental delete of a text message on an LGL41C android phone?

When trying to FORWARD I touched DELETE instead

by techevangelist Last post 02:42 17/04/2016 730 1

Is anyone else having issues with GS7 bluetooth crashing

Posting this to both vent and query if anybody else has had or is having similar issues Long story short bought the new GS7...

by juke Last post 00:21 17/04/2016 555 1

Why can't I remove a Trojan inside this tagital tablet?

I try malware and its said cant remove that its spyware

by newbie Last post 00:18 17/04/2016 907 1

Can't download MMS files

model :Samsung galaxy s4 Carrier:Consumers cellular Problem: I can receive regular text messages but has been unable to receive...

by matturn Last post 00:15 17/04/2016 1069 1

first android phone: bad video streaming quality

Hey all just got my first android phone and it's a huawei honor 5x I have an iphone 6 but got this phone cheap to try out...

by silenced Last post 00:12 17/04/2016 579 1

Google Chrome app gone missing on SM-T520

Google Chrome app has gone from my apps I have downloaded it again but it is still not there

by powerofeyes Last post 00:09 17/04/2016 637 1

on my note 4 my Email sync turned off how do I turn it on?

on my note 4 my Email sync turned off how do I turn it on?

by staring Last post 00:06 17/04/2016 631 1

How can I unstick the SD Card slot on my S7 Edge?

I am unable to remove my SD Card from the slot What could cause this? How can I fix this?

by zentropy Last post 00:03 17/04/2016 736 1

Why cannot I see the internet 'tab' button on my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge?

I can see the 'back' 'forward' 'home' and 'bookmarks' buttons on the bottom of my page when I am looking at an internet page...

by billion Last post 00:00 17/04/2016 1034 4

How many devices can I connect to my S7 Edge when I put the hotspot on?

Exactly how many devices can connect to my S7 Edge with I have the hotspot on?

by bstobie Last post 23:57 16/04/2016 715 1