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Network LOcked Sim Card inserted

I bought an unlocked Samsung Galaxy nOte 4 and took the sim card and sd card from my old S III out and put them in the Note 4...

by jeffwilson Last post 23:35 08/08/2017 913 2

HTC m8 GPe is LOCKED???

Just bought a second hand HTC m8 supposedly GPe my CID is GOOGL001 yet it asks for a SIM unlock code What would make a GPe...

by wstruecolor Last post 21:29 27/07/2017 879 3

How to Unlock HTC One M9 locked to Wind Mobile

Hey guys it's my first time using this website and I would like help and information on how to get my HTC One M9 unlocked I...

by andy81 Last post 19:33 17/07/2017 724 6

sim network provider unlock code needed

Need sim network provider unlock code for budget mobile

by adhoc Last post 19:32 06/07/2017 712 2

Unlock code for at&t zte 812

I got a zte maven (z812) it's from at&t so I called at&t and they gave me a reference # I waited 5 days for a unlock code...

by tid Last post 22:40 29/06/2017 1451 3

unlock code for a budget phone given out by government

need unlock code for my budget phone its asking for sim unlock code when i put in a different sim card

by newsguy Last post 01:09 10/06/2017 726 2

Unlock code

Unlocking my Nokia phone to use my EE sim

by ebizpro Last post 16:13 09/06/2017 678 3

need sim card unlock pin for galaxy s6 active from at&t

need sim card unlock pin for galaxy s6 active from at&t to tmobile

by global Last post 15:46 26/05/2017 820 2

Help. Sim Network unlock?????????

Hi I bought my Note 5 from Malaysia in October and without using a Malaysian sim I took my phone to India When I inserted the...

by cardplayer Last post 20:20 25/05/2017 763 2

how do I unlock a verizon s5 so that my AT&T sim card will work in it?

My s4 crashed and I am trying to put my sim card from my AT&T carrier into my brother's old s5 He has verizon

by jiggaslim Last post 15:40 10/05/2017 833 3

Samsung Galaxy S4 has a broken screen. How do I get my contacts and pictures off?

My screen has a lock on it which can't be accessed since it is broken When I connect it to my computer it shows no files How do...

by mortpig Last post 10:19 13/04/2017 1099 5

Samsung S7 Edge Brightness issues

Hi I recently upgraded my S6 edge+ to a s7 edge On both the s6 edge+ and s7 edge I have experienced brightness issues I do not...

by jazzyben Last post 17:00 26/12/2016 1952 18

Turning off suddenly

Hi I was charging My HTC desire 626 when it made a loud sound and turned off It is not switching on at all please help Thank...

by estherk Last post 14:10 23/12/2016 3267 0

how could i unlock samsung s3 Sgh-T999L version 4.3 locked to t mobile

i tried the tips given on this page but it didnt work any help

by mbrdev Last post 18:03 31/10/2016 910 2

bootloader on Sony Xperia models

Please what is bootloader on Sony Xperia models Can it also unlock the sim lock? Thanks

by zac Last post 22:31 26/10/2016 690 2

Can you region unlock a Note 5 from a different country?

Wanting to buy a note 5 in the UK but obviously can't region unlock by calling from the country of manufacture Is there any...

by pearl Last post 19:20 20/09/2016 714 2

How could I unlock a Samsung S3 Sgh-T999L version 4.3 locked to T-Mobile?

i tried the tips given on this page but it didnt work any help

by firkin Last post 19:52 19/09/2016 841 2

best site to unlock phone

need to unlock y Samsung grand prime

by g00gl3r Last post 19:56 23/08/2016 946 2

How to transfer android phone text messages to computer?

Text messaging is a fundamental way that people communicate and many important notice or business information may be sent or...

by lucyll Last post 06:58 05/08/2016 860 2