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Android Samsumg S6 - save text messages to a computer

I have text messages from a contact that I need to save so they can be referenced at a later date Does anyone know how to save...

by tooley Last post 06:42 05/08/2016 774 5

How do I restore contacts and apps on my Galaxy S5?

I just restored my galaxy s5 because of the lollipop update and i had everything backed up to my google account how do i get...

by etreus Last post 07:57 01/08/2016 793 5

Dropped my Samsung Galaxy S5 on the floor and the screen is black. What should I do?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 Dropped it on the floor today The screen is black and when I try to turn it on the buttons light up...

by guria Last post 02:45 21/07/2016 998 3

Why my internet connection is slow?

when I in a building?

by nikao Last post 19:44 20/06/2016 688 2

HTC Desire 626 screen wont turn on but, still works?

I had my phone set face down for about 20 minutes and when I cam back and tried to turn it on it only vibrated but I can still...

by KaleighR Last post 03:49 11/06/2016 1430 0

cant unlock the screen of my Samsung note 4

my finger print swipe lock got missing on my Samsung note 4 and its asking me for a backup password which i cant remember what...

by zac Last post 07:24 03/06/2016 744 2

Samsung grand prime

by Joefuentes589 Last post 20:42 25/05/2016 990 0

How to change country on Samsung S6?

I cant purchase some apps on play store as it says that its not available in my country

by pmorrissey Last post 02:09 18/04/2016 1606 1

why is my battery draining so fast?

my phone charges and says 100% but within a couple of hours it almost dead plus it keeps telling me to install the Samsung gear...

by goodfastners Last post 02:06 18/04/2016 981 3

why is my battery draining so fast?

my phone charges and says 100% but within a couple of hours it almost dead plus it keeps telling me to install the Samsung gear...

by starbug Last post 02:03 18/04/2016 986 1

Galaxy s6 edge locked. Help please

So my galaxy s6 edge is locked The fingerprint and the backup password stopped working for some reason I don't have google or...

by shaitanbacha Last post 02:00 18/04/2016 1236 1

Why does my address bar Auto clear?

Everytime I click on the address bar the address link disappears wanting me to "search or type URL" but I don't want the link...

by jp6212 Last post 01:57 18/04/2016 1120 2

Why do I have a red x and why can I not import anything onto my pc?

I have tried multiple usb cables on my Samsung Tab A (all of which are Samsung cables) and with all of them a red x appears in...

by piksites Last post 00:39 18/04/2016 1222 6

why can person not hear me on outgoing and incoming calls unless my phone is on speaker

phone rings but person cannot hear me

by tooley Last post 00:36 18/04/2016 821 1

Recent apps button on Note 5 is not working

The recent apps option on Note 5 just stopped working Tried wiping cache and all still no luck Any idea?

by reli4nt Last post 00:33 18/04/2016 978 3

why my S7 Edge power button has a different click sound and slightly softer than my volume button?

hi I've got my s7 edge from just two weeks and i feel like the power button slightly more softer than volume buttons!! is this...

by hex1848 Last post 00:30 18/04/2016 1067 1

Why did I got locked out of my tablet by using an app?

I downloaded an app named "Transparent phone screen trick" and i clicked it Then my tablet showed what was in front of me (like...

by rcmedia Last post 00:27 18/04/2016 854 1

Why is the moto x pure cpu clock speed 1.8ghz when the snapdragon 808 spec shows 2.0ghz?

When I look up moto x pure/style specs the cpu clock speed is 1 8ghz But if I just search the cpu itself I see 2 0ghz Im...

by omnicron Last post 00:24 18/04/2016 766 3

cant get into my tablet kindle account on my new tablet

It wont recognise my existing password

by jeffnienaber Last post 23:27 17/04/2016 844 1

Resetting the "always" option for video

Now before you all say reset the app permissions I've done that twice I accidentally hit " always" after upgrading my Moto X...

by trifi Last post 23:24 17/04/2016 909 2