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Return to stock launcher from google now.

I can't see how to go back to the stock launcher on my Verizon LG2 I've done a search in the forums and I haven't found...

by tonysdesigns Last post 23:21 17/04/2016 549 1

Upgrade to Andoid 6 Marshmallow and no mobile connectivity

Hello I have a difficult one for hard core troubleshooters and Android experts Last weekend I let my Samsung Galaxy S6 upgrade...

by exam Last post 23:18 17/04/2016 481 2

are there any good virtual reality headsets that fit the Nexus 6p

trying to find a virtual reality headset for my nexus 6p I don't want to do cardboard

by juke Last post 23:15 17/04/2016 499 1

S7 Edge Default Alarm Snoozing itself?

Hi My alarm hasn't woken me up recently I have a tendency to knock it off in my sleep but I'm testing it now and it's not great...

by g00gl3r Last post 23:12 17/04/2016 545 1

Who invented the Gear VR?

Who was the person who came up with this idea and from which country was that person?

by registerwire Last post 23:09 17/04/2016 550 4

Note 4 mobile hotspot not connecting

Was connecting before last update of 5 1 1

by polarisman Last post 22:24 17/04/2016 519 1

I bought a used sprint Samsung galaxy s4 and I want to use it with straight talk how do I do it

I just bought a used sprint Samsung galaxy s4 and I do not know who had it before I got it at a yard sale I want to use it with...

by jajaguy14 Last post 22:21 17/04/2016 600 1

How to unlock Samsung galaxy s4

I need to unlock this Samsung galaxy s4 sprint phone to use it with straight talk

by denno Last post 22:18 17/04/2016 585 1

what device I need to root

Can I root via smartphone

by shaileshbiz Last post 22:15 17/04/2016 530 1

how to add music from my pc to samsung s6 edge

How do I set "external harddrive mode on the samsung s6 edge

by rossbliss Last post 21:12 17/04/2016 543 3

my S4 turns it's self off for no reason.

there's no apparent reason I can turn it back on with no problem The battery is fully charged any ideas

by tacroy Last post 21:09 17/04/2016 753 1

Anyone else noticed the Marshmallow unlocking glitch?

On the lockscreen instead of just emergency calls now you can call anyone in your contacts However if you access this call...

by umbertide Last post 21:06 17/04/2016 575 5

S6 ACTIVE disappointed by much

S6 ACTIVE disappointed by much: constant dropped calls often loud beeps on calls when no on one is touching any keys no...

by voodoo1967 Last post 21:03 17/04/2016 553 8

Bought new Moto X Play. Installed Motorola USB drivers. Can't see any files on the device

My Windows 7 PC automatically installed Motorola Device manager It recognizes the device and can see the device on Explorer On...

by rghering Last post 21:00 17/04/2016 721 1

Can i one click root my lg ls991 zva

I know they did the zva update for the lg g3 but can I do it on the lg ls991?

by t0ps3o Last post 20:57 17/04/2016 563 1

how to set and check data usage on panasonic eluga icon.

I cannot find the data usage in ma cell so pls tell me how to check

by hugh Last post 20:00 17/04/2016 462 1

Renaming files in marshmallow

Since the marshmallow update to my Sprint Note 4 I've noticed a change to how you can rename files with my file manager or even...

by vermillien Last post 19:57 17/04/2016 528 2

What should i do !

I Factory Wiped My Galaxy S5 Because it was overheating and had a virus and I Went To Put my info back in and it had me setup...

by leif Last post 19:54 17/04/2016 402 1

" type password to decrypt storage " HTC desire c

hi turned my phone one and is came up with " type password to decrypt storage " I have neve set a password on this phone what...

by buteverde Last post 19:51 17/04/2016 676 1

Unidentified symbol in top bar!

The symbol is a circle with a solid disc inside and a horizontal dash in the middle

by intelliot Last post 19:48 17/04/2016 425 1