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Unhiding apps and smart manager on my Samsung Note 5

Calendar no longer shows on my lock screen when I pull down the menu

by egol Last post 17:15 17/04/2016 557 1

Why is my Galaxy Tab 4 not charging?

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (SM T330NU) For the past couple months it has been charging just fine But I must mention that...

by bopbroadband Last post 17:12 17/04/2016 661 1

I can't receive text messages on my samsung galaxy s7 edge

I recently upgraded my att account and received the new galaxy s7 edge however 8 days later i stopped receiving text messages...

by cobaltlady Last post 17:09 17/04/2016 1620 1

How to remove read only property from micro SD card (Samsung S7)

Samsung 64 GB EVO micro SD card on Samsung S7 is read only Excel and Word files cannot be modified The only way is to save to...

by moneymancn Last post 17:06 17/04/2016 745 1

Group messaging with Samsung Core Prime and Iphones

I had my iphone 5c stolen on vacation and went the cheaper route when I got back and just bought a samsung core prime iphone...

by nicowiz Last post 15:39 17/04/2016 656 1

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G531F?

I've already tried all rooting applications like Vroot Iroot TowelRoot and KingRoot I also try it with an aid of computer but...

by cacenigma Last post 15:36 17/04/2016 827 1

Is it possible to edit someone else photo without their ok

My mrs thinks I've edited her photo without her ok so no Bluetooth or any kind of 2way connection

by parity Last post 15:33 17/04/2016 599 1

Why can't I find the /data/data/android.providers.contacts/databases folder? What am I doing wrong?

LG Nexus4 on Lollipop not rooted: I was storing my contacts on the phone without syncing (for security reasons) I mistakenly...

by hotel Last post 15:30 17/04/2016 1110 2

Read others text without their ok

My mrs thinks I've been reading her text messages without her ok from another device Is it even possible to do that

by dianaward Last post 15:27 17/04/2016 601 1

Dropped HTC Desire in Water...

The day actually came Dropped an htc desire in a cup of water (fully submerged) for about 5 seconds Took it out took it apart...

by peters Last post 15:24 17/04/2016 695 1

The charging port of my ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL is damaged, is there any solution for this?

how much if i repair this to asus how much for the replacement of charging port? how much in philippine peso?

by triad Last post 15:21 17/04/2016 666 1

Will my pc recognize it adoptable storage?

I have a S7 edge When I plug it into my pc it reads 2 separate volumes under phone 32gb for S7 and 128 for sd I'm able to...

by nzlake Last post 15:18 17/04/2016 653 1

Are my call recorded by an imo company??

Answer me

by peteawilson Last post 15:15 17/04/2016 773 1

can I change the boot menu on a mlais phone to english?

mlais m4 note or a translation of the current boot menu or answer if clearing the "system cache" from the recovery menu will...

by detour Last post 15:12 17/04/2016 585 2

Why does my LG Stylo keep flipping back to cricket when I have a straight talk sim card?

Are my settings incorrect? I have had straight talk since January and then no service for Feb and March and now my LG Stylo...

by greenapple_inc Last post 15:09 17/04/2016 710 1

Can I move the close all button in the overview screen?

I have big fingers When I go to the overview screen and can't find what I need pressing the home button usually results in...

by david_sakh Last post 15:06 17/04/2016 534 1

Phone shuts down

My Motorola X Pure 16GB is working great and I enjoy it There is one problem that has happened twice Picture it New Hampshire...

by pmontel Last post 15:03 17/04/2016 856 1

Unable to acknowledge notification

I am unable to acknowledge any notification that comes up in my moto g3 It's brand new and let me take an example Am trying to...

by mxmarketer Last post 15:00 17/04/2016 582 1

Texting to one number and getting response from a different number

I work for AT&T as a wireless consultant and I had a customer come in today with an issue I had never seen before He is using...

by insecure Last post 13:30 17/04/2016 567 3

how do i get play store ringtones to work on my J3 samsung

Cant get the J3 Samsung to recognize downloaded ring tone from play store

by maryjane Last post 13:27 17/04/2016 701 1