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HTCM8 S-OFF Sprint BootLoop - Is there a way out? (Im scared to hardbrick it..please help)

My HTC M8 Sprint got stuck into bootloop after I instaled SuperSU Before that I unlocked the bootloader and instaled custom...

by johnedgley Last post 13:24 17/04/2016 789 1

How do I capture still shots from video?

Hi I upgraded my gs5 to the gs7 Most everything about this phone I love One key feature that I can't seem to figure out is how...

by rvb Last post 13:21 17/04/2016 686 4

My data usage has peaked this month and last month in one day. Operating system-what can I do?

Application Android OS 672mb 3/31/16 990mb 2/20/16 80mb period ending 2/24/16 I had rollover for February but will not have any...

by mcouvillon Last post 13:18 17/04/2016 685 1

Bluetooth remote start/stop switch for video recording on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

I purchased the "jaws" mount from www camrah com/jaws & it came with a bluetooth remote that works fine for taking a picture...

by magean99 Last post 12:15 17/04/2016 975 1

How do i download movies onto my hp chromebook

Going on a trip and dont want to be bored so is there a way to download movies so that when im on the road i dont have to use...

by insivia Last post 12:12 17/04/2016 629 1

How can i clear my clipboard on a LG K7

It doesn't seem to let me clear my clipboard only my cliptray

by relaxzoolander Last post 12:09 17/04/2016 926 2

Phone doesn't turn on

Phone does not turn on plug it into the charger and it goes to T Mobile screen and stops with blue light

by Last post 12:06 17/04/2016 875 1

How do I find my galaxy s4 from Vorizon

I lost my galaxy s4 i got from Vorizon I am no longer with Vorizopn I am now with Text now

by shina21 Last post 12:03 17/04/2016 729 1

Recover accidental deleted contact

is there a way to recover a deleted contact on Samsung galaxy s4?

by mobic Last post 12:00 17/04/2016 634 1

how do i get my screen to work?

I dropped my phone in milk but pulled it out immediately and put it in rise then after like 10 minutes put it together to see...

by jsiddons Last post 11:57 17/04/2016 677 1

how do i get my screen to work?

I dropped my phone in milk but pulled it out immediately and put it in rise then after like 10 minutes put it together to see...

by xml Last post 11:54 17/04/2016 685 1

Samsung Galaxy S7 Read Receipt

Is there anyone that knows how to send a request for delivery receipt or read receipt on their email from a Galaxy S7 Just was...

by c3kids Last post 11:51 17/04/2016 1812 1

why can't i gt pass @9dual core..will not go to main seems like it froze in that point

I tried to let it drain completely down then recharged it but nothing happens any ideas

by sbrfan Last post 11:48 17/04/2016 605 1

How do i change to 3g on my s7

I need my phone on 3g to connect to my micro cell and can't find where or how in my settings can anyone help

by infomedia Last post 11:45 17/04/2016 967 1

Galaxy s6 Since automatic Update, Weather app opens to x rated site!

In applications there are now 2 weather apps (weather bug) but can't uninstall either Opens to x rated link? this started since...

by ngdoherty Last post 11:42 17/04/2016 571 1

why does my phine keep shutting off and then txt messages come in and then they dont come in?

my phone is literally saying " U need to delete file to receive messages" then I go to delete some stuff that I don't need and...

by narkebe Last post 11:39 17/04/2016 608 1

After updating my Verizon LG G3 to VS98547A today, Chrome/YouTube doesn't work

Every time I try to go online I get this message for every webpage I try to load: "server DNS address could not be found" I can...

by nohaber Last post 11:36 17/04/2016 1250 1

Why is my remote for my m8s not working?

I just received my m8s today in the mail and the remote has stopped working What can I do to fix or replace it?

by sunsoft30 Last post 11:33 17/04/2016 646 1

how to reset phone

need to reset phone now

by arteryplanet Last post 11:30 17/04/2016 854 1

phone is blocked by fhp

ive called samsung direct and was told i need to sent the phone in for tech to fix its going to be weeks before i see my phone...

by sim0n Last post 11:27 17/04/2016 735 2