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Backup password

How do I unlock my home screen after trying to unlock my phone by using a finger it went to back up password and I don't have...

by mushroom Last post 09:48 17/04/2016 428 1

My phone won't switch on , why

My Samsung 6 won't switch on I've put it on charge thinking the battery was dead but nothing is happening

by andy81 Last post 09:45 17/04/2016 612 1

Who is the new Pegman in Google Maps.

I opened up Google Maps and there is a Pegman dressed up in a Purple and wearing a mask or he has a beard?

by hudson Last post 09:42 17/04/2016 416 1

They don't sell cases for Samsung prevail is there another phone with the same dimentions

In store need answer quick pls

by ephricon Last post 09:39 17/04/2016 556 1

Galaxy S5 shutting off, won't turn on without charger connected

Beginning yesterday afternoon my Verizon GS5 decided to shut itself off after being fully charged that morning I could not get...

by destinodviaje Last post 09:36 17/04/2016 620 3

Why my phone keep showing tue red verizon screen

Red verzion screen

by haystack Last post 09:33 17/04/2016 349 1

what does purple blinking light mean?

plugged phone in to charge last night this morning the phone is dead except for purpleish/blueish light blinking

by bobmutch Last post 09:30 17/04/2016 428 1

My wastebasket icon is missing in the gallery

I can select pics to delete but can't see the wastebasket to press delete

by 2003m2003 Last post 09:27 17/04/2016 358 2

Why does my Hudl2 keep saying Sync is currently experiencing problems

Means I cant get on the internet You tube etc

by kokopelli Last post 09:24 17/04/2016 372 1

help with installed but nowhere-to-be-found app?

so if I downloaded an app using googleplay I can't see where it saved can I delete it somehow and try again from Chrome? Right...

by uzer Last post 09:21 17/04/2016 446 1

Why on my samsung s5 podcast restart

Hi i stop listening to podcast or remove the hedphones after a while the podcast returns to the begining why how can i stop...

by maple53 Last post 09:18 17/04/2016 390 1

Can I use both the pin# and fingerprint security on my Galaxy S6.

I have to put number everytime I am waiting for the answer to my text It would be so much easier Thanks Lorraine

by tom Last post 09:15 17/04/2016 486 1

How do I block calls from a phone number

How can I black unwanted calls from a specific phone number?

by velveeta Last post 09:12 17/04/2016 439 1

Why can't I receive calls or SMS from iPhones?

I can phone and text iPhone users but I can't receive their replies or new correspondence from them I have tried deregister my...

by sandiego Last post 09:09 17/04/2016 466 2

How do you take the battery out of a Samsung5?

The screen is dark and I get it back

by ping Last post 09:06 17/04/2016 381 1

Why won't my Samsung Galaxy sm-t530 let me rent(only buy movies)in the Google Play Store?

when i open google play app tap my account then try to rent a movie it will only give me the option to buy it i have credit...

by anthonycea Last post 07:03 17/04/2016 536 1

[LG Ultimate 2] Can I undo an accidental delete of a text message on an LG L41C Android phone?

When trying to FORWARD I touched DELETE instead

by jdgo Last post 07:00 17/04/2016 444 1

[LG Stylo] Why doesn't my volume stay up?

After I get a call my volume hits vibrate I turn it back up and volume stays till the next call after hang up goes back to...

by glidewave Last post 06:57 17/04/2016 608 1

Sim Card Removed Message when USB debugging enabled. What can I do?

Hello I'm having a problem I have yet to find an answer for I have a laptop with Ubuntu 15 10 and Android Studio installed when...

by zentech Last post 06:54 17/04/2016 393 1

Default "browser" issue?

How can I update the default browser that apps use on my G4? My phone tries to open any URL in Good which is my work email app...

by bootleg Last post 06:51 17/04/2016 588 1