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How to active android devce on galaxy s3

How to active android devce on galaxy s3

by gcci Last post 06:48 17/04/2016 673 1

How do I update to ver 4.4.4?

I have a Motorola Razr Maxx HD and am trying to update my version Droid 4 4 2 due to issues I read about certain malware that...

by guille2003 Last post 06:45 17/04/2016 644 1

Does the HTC One M8 come with a pre-installed Facebook app?

Or does this depend on the provider? I have t mobile and am just curious if this is an application I can get rid of or if I'm...

by americanblinker Last post 06:42 17/04/2016 574 1

can I upload pictures from this lg optimus to windows 10

directions please

by mia Last post 06:39 17/04/2016 891 1

Why is my battery life draining so fast?

In the last week or so I've noticed that my battery has been draining a lot faster than usual today was the first time an app...

by carock Last post 06:36 17/04/2016 799 2

Google Play Music to microsd card issue

I recently bought a Moto G phone running the latest version of Marshmallow On my old phone running Lollipop I never had...

by tonysdesigns Last post 06:33 17/04/2016 686 1

Why wont my developer mode work when the USB is in for the LG Leon?

It's a Windows game ported to Monogame There is no way (seemingly) for the USB debugger to work Obviously you can attach it It...

by marod0er Last post 06:30 17/04/2016 647 1

Why can't I purchase Music on Google Play Store?

I have tried everything and can't seem to purchase music on neither my Samsung Galaxy S7 nor my Macbook When I try on my mobile...

by webvivre Last post 06:27 17/04/2016 989 1

Should the flashlight switch off automatically in Android 5.1?

Hi Question as in topic Essentially I've apparently left it on while in my bag for say half an hour which cause the battery to...

by spotontools Last post 06:24 17/04/2016 532 1

Why does my phones screen look broken when it's not?

So yesterday I was on my phone and he was perfectly fine Ten minutes later I tried to use it and it looked like it was broken...

by paulhiles Last post 06:21 17/04/2016 683 3

Large white battery symbol in the middle of screen on 6P?

I turned on my 6P today and there was a large white battery symbol in the middle of the screen The phone was stuck in this...

by cemlouis Last post 06:18 17/04/2016 582 3

Where can I get a copy of the Samsung S4 SGH-I337M .pit file?

Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the Samsung S4 SGH I337M pit file? This is for a Samsung that is with Telus (a...

by dynatim Last post 06:15 17/04/2016 682 1

Galaxy S 6 turned into a brick this am. Batt is 97 and not running. Any suggestions for a boot?

No idea why Galaxy S6 is not turning on/ booting up Was fine last night 11 pm pacific time reset does nothing suggestions to...

by cacenigma Last post 06:12 17/04/2016 662 1

Why is my LG G4 showing a blank screen when I select the Google Play App?

I open my phone and select the google play app and it is showing just a white screen I can't do anything with hit I have tried...

by oakley Last post 04:33 17/04/2016 743 6

Non GMail account - does Google have access?

New to Android I have a little used GMail account but prefer not to have Google track my every move When I went through the...

by arounddelhi Last post 04:30 17/04/2016 661 4

What is the screen size and resolution of the LG G5?

What is the resolution and screen size of the LG G5?

by mfulton Last post 04:27 17/04/2016 638 1

Why can't I remove a Trojan inside this tagital tablet?

I try malware and its said cant remove that its spyware

by infinitewisdom Last post 04:24 17/04/2016 878 1

What is the price of the LG G5?

Why prices can we expect with the LG G5?

by alex Last post 04:21 17/04/2016 833 1

Why can't I download MMS files?

model :Samsung galaxy s4 Carrier:Consumers cellular Problem: I can receive regular text messages but has been unable to receive...

by krazyvan05 Last post 04:18 17/04/2016 935 1

First Android phone: bad video streaming quality-how can I fix this?

Hey all just got my first android phone and it's a huawei honor 5x I have an iphone 6 but got this phone cheap to try out...

by tiff_07 Last post 04:15 17/04/2016 573 1