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Anyone else noticed the Marshmallow unlocking glitch?

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On the lockscreen, instead of just emergency calls now, you can call anyone in your contacts. However, if you access this call button and press the home button, your devices becomes unlocked so anyone can unlock your device this way.
Asked: 04:06 18/04/2016
ngdoherty 04:06 18/04/2016
What device? My Nexus 6P won't allow me to call contacts by finding them by name.
scooby 04:06 18/04/2016
I'm not having this issue HTC M9.

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maxf 04:06 18/04/2016
Not having this issue on my S6 edge running 6.0.1

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praful 04:06 18/04/2016
Guys this is probably a April fools post lol

If not..well this glitch if it even existed would have been hot fixed faster then...idk hotcakes
leif 04:06 18/04/2016
Not an April fools joke have this isue on my note 5

Anyone else noticed the Marshmallow unlocking glitch?

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