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Anyone have trouble turning on the Surface Pro 4 shortly after powering it down?

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Sometimes (not always), if I shut down the SP4, it won't power up right away if I press the power button. I have to wait a while (sometimes for several minutes) then press it again. I noticed it when I shut down to put in an SD card, then again when I shut down while leaving the office then realized I had to do one more thing on it. So I've been testing it intentionally and sometimes it turns on right away, other times I have to wait a while.

Has anyone had this problem? Does this sound like a hardware or software issue?

I just got it a week ago, and I have the 2-year Microsoft complete protection, so not worried in the long-term, but I'm also about to put about $70 worth of single-use screen protector and skin on it so I don't want to have to exchange it if this problem gets worse and worse. If it's just another firmware power issue I don't mind waiting around for an update to fix it.
Asked: 11:36 22/06/2016
tillies 11:36 22/06/2016

Make sure that you have all the latest updates.
crookedplatipus 11:36 22/06/2016
there are updates in the insider program that's supposed to address the power up problem. I don't do the insider program for my SP4 because it's my main machine.

So for the turning on problem... What I notice is when I plop down the keyboard and attempt to power it on, it sometimes won't turn on. The red IR light will be on as if it's about to wake. If you actually have the patience, it will actually turn on but it takes awhile.

So what I do is I hold down the power button until the keyboard lights turn off. This turns off the machine. I then start to pump the power button. Not hard presses. Just press, pause, press, pause. Until it turns on (Surface logo). Usually 3-5 presses.

Alternatively, you can hold the power button and the up volume button for a significant amount of time. This gets you to the UEFI screen which is annoying but works.

Now, I notice I have a much harder time getting it to turn on if the keyboard is detached. I don't know if this is coincidence but it seems that way.

Skylake is turning out to be a nightmare. Hopefully Kaby Lake and Cannonlake fix the Skylake problems. Maybe Apple will entirely skip Skylake for their MBP.
hurricane_sh 11:36 22/06/2016
Isn't this just the Black Screen of Death problem? I changed my settings so that pressing the power button hibernates instead of sleeping. Still get the problem intermittently if I accidentally close the keyboard without hibernating.
sarah_h 11:36 22/06/2016
If your power settings are set to hibernate with the power button, this is normal as waking up from that takes time. I have it set the same way, but closing the lid goes to sleep, and it wakes up fast when i just scroll over the touch pad. Use it like that and it will be fine.

Anyone have trouble turning on the Surface Pro 4 shortly after powering it down?

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Anyone have trouble turning on the Surface Pro 4 shortly after powering it down?

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