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App for making calls via tablet?

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I am searching for an application to be able to do the following(On my tablet, I see a few PC side solutions, but that is not what I seek):

(Using my existing number, not a ported google voice number or the other services that take a separate number)

1. Get/interact with my notifications and send SMS via my Android tablet(I have the S7 Edge and a Galaxy Tab S2 9.7)

2. Make calls via the tablet where I can actually talk and hear via the tablet, as opposed to bluetooth via the phone controlled from the tablet.

Basically, what Pushbullet can do, and also call functionality through the tablet as well.

Airdroid is not it because it only mirrors the phone to the PC, not the tablet as well.

Sidesync, while possibly the only thing that can do what I want with the calls, ONLY now works on Wi-fi direct, and not my home Wi-fi. And as I frequently have the two devices in separate areas of the house(aka leaving my phone upstairs and moving around with the ta, they do not stay connected.

I like Pushbullet quite a bit, but a sub is not quite worth it to me.

MySMS, Mightytext, Yappy, etc.. fine for SMS, but lacking the call part.

I have AT&T, so the Verizon messages one is not an option either.

I think I might just be out of luck, but does anyone know a potential solution? An app for purchase could be considered, but not a monthly subscription.

Thank you.
Asked: 08:57 02/04/2016
hellokap 08:57 02/04/2016
I think you're on the right track that it's difficult to do. Curious, why the need to use a LARGER device to make a call?

It CAN be done, but not with your current phone or service. I can make and receive calls using Google Hangouts on my tablet (provided said tablet has a data connection), without my phone being nearby. This requires Google Fi and a Nexus device. I suppose it can also be done with a plain Google Voice account but you don't seem to be interested in that.

App for making calls via tablet?

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