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Apple ID disabled -> Not an Apple ID

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Hi everyone!

I changed my apple ID awhile ago but after buying a new iPhone it connected to my old one. Now I cannot disable it in iCloud settings by any means as when I try to enter the old ones password it says my ID has been disabled, however when I try unlocking it it says it is not an Apple ID. Seems to be a dead circle Any ideas?
Asked: 05:33 21/05/2016
tncple4u2003 05:33 21/05/2016
Is the Apple ID that is signed into iCloud a separate ID from the one you are currently using - or did you just change the account from the old email address to the current one?


greety 05:33 21/05/2016
Not sure I quite understood what you mean. Basically I changedmy apple ID (created a new email) and had been using it for awhile for appstore for example, but my new iphone connected to the old one's cloud account and I cannot for the life of it sign out from there anymore.
pcarlow 05:33 21/05/2016
Can you please tell us how your new phone got the old ID? Did you restore a backup from the prior phone? Reason I ask because for the most part signing into a phone with an Apple ID is a volitional act by the end user

You may be looking at bringing that phone into an Apple store or authorized center with proof of your identity and purchase for them to remove the Activation lock
tncple4u2003 05:33 21/05/2016
Try using your current Apple ID passcode to sign out of iCloud.



Apple ID disabled -> Not an Apple ID

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