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Apple server fault ?

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Is there a problem at Apple's end at present - every attempt to unpair an Apple Watch Steel gets me the same message -

"Cannot Unpair Apple watch"

Activation Lock could not be turned off on your Apple watch because of a server error"

And I keep getting this message all morning - both my watch and my Mac Mini are working fine, connect to the internet, and speed is above 35 Mbits/sec.

Any ideas, guys ?

Asked: 10:57 09/06/2016
m_jones 10:57 09/06/2016
Hi Dan

Apple's system status page is not presently showing any issues:

I suggest that you contact Apple Support:

- Contact - Official Apple Support

m_jones 10:57 09/06/2016
Another user has just reported receiving the same error message upon trying to unpair their watch.

Apple server fault ?

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