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Apple Watch cannot be removed from iCloud

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I recently sold my Apple Watch to a buyer. Before selling it, I already did a factory-reset the watch. When the buyer received the watch, the watch could not be activated due to activation lock. I went on to remove the watch. However, the watch does not show up on my devices.

Is there any help for me ?
Asked: 18:51 20/03/2016
tomld 18:51 20/03/2016
You would have to follow the instructions in this support article:

About Activation Lock on Apple Watch - Apple Support

Did you unpair the watch from the iPhone before selling it? If you cannot execute the instructions as listed, the buyer may need to send it back to you so you can remove the Activation Lock.

Best of luck,

honey143jj 18:51 20/03/2016
I just performed a factory reset without unpairing.
tomld 18:51 20/03/2016
That's why it is still Activation Locked. From the instructions, it doesn't look like you will be able to remove that lock without having the device in your hands....


honey143jj 18:51 20/03/2016
What a disaster....Now, I may have to ask the buyer to ship the watch back. Oh my !
tomld 18:51 20/03/2016
You can always call Apple Support and ask them if there is any other way for you to remove it:

Best of luck,

steviesullivan 18:51 20/03/2016

Before contacting Apple Support, try these steps:
  • If you have not yet done so, unpair the watch via the Watch app on your iPhone (even though the watch is no longer available)n your iPhone, in the Watch app, go to: My Watch (ta> My Watch> Apple Watch: if the button is available, tap on Unpair Apple Watch.

Ask the new owner to try these steps:
  • On their iPhone: close the Watch app along with all other open apps (double-press on the Home button, swipe up on each of the app previews).
  • Restart both devices, turning both of them off and then restarting the iPhone first:To turn the watch off: press and hold the side button until they see the Power Off slider; drag the slider to turn off.
  • To turn the watch back on: press and hold the side button until they see the Apple logo.
[*]Then re-try setting it up.
If Activation Lock remains active, when contacting Apple Support, make clear that you are the original owner. They may then be able to assist you further:

Apple Watch cannot be removed from iCloud

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