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Apple Watch Question

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Okay so all of my family is getting new phones and I am not with them but they have my phone. They are miles away but I am somehow still getting my messages on my apple watch even though my phone is obviously way out of range. The watch also still says I am connected. Anyone know how this is possible?

Also, they are trading in my old phone so that means I won't get it back when they get home. Will I be able to pair my new phone to my watch since I was unable to unpair from the old phone?
Asked: 08:30 22/12/2015
megri 08:30 22/12/2015
The Apple Watch is capable of connecting to Wi-Fi networks that have previously been joined by your iPhone, and in such circumstances, has more functionality even when the iPhone is out of range.

There will be no problem pairing your watch to your new iPhone, provided that your family properly prepares the old phone when it is traded in: What to do before selling or giving away your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support.
rmassi 08:30 22/12/2015
You can unpair your Apple Watch without having the iPhone, but it just won't backup your watch when you do it. Unpair your Apple Watch and iPhone - Apple Support
unkn0wndj 08:30 22/12/2015
The first step in the article provided is to unfair the apple watch, but they cannot do that without having the watch. They have the phone and I have the watch.
megri 08:30 22/12/2015
Did you miss this section?
Unpair without your iPhone
unkn0wndj 08:30 22/12/2015
Yeah I totally missed that! sorry about that...thanks!
megri 08:30 22/12/2015
You are welcome.

Apple Watch Question

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