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Apple watch sport dropped from 80% to 3% over night even though i put it on charge

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Apple watch sport dropped from 80% to 3% over night even though i put it on charge, charger is working as its charging now, but woke to the watch rebooting, just updated to the latest firmware, so is this maybe an issue or have others had similar experience
Asked: 09:33 09/06/2016
howard 09:33 09/06/2016
Did you charge the Apple Watch in Night Stand mode, with the straps closed to ring? Then it is easy to dislodge the charger by touching the cable, so the watch will not charge properly.

I had similar happen with my watch. Now I am making sure, that the charger is connected firmly by lifting the watch and checking that the charger remains connected, and also putting the watch with the charger out of the way of other things on the table, like glasses or books,
justme234 09:33 09/06/2016

The following steps may help:
  • Fully charge your watch (allow up to around 2.5 hours):Ensure that you charge it in accordance with Apple's instructions, including placing the back of the watch directly on the charger (some stands, docks or cases may hinder this):Check your battery and charge your Apple Watch - Apple Support
[*]If your watch won't charge, remove it from the charger and try force restarting it:
    Press and hold both the side button and Digital Crown for around 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo, then release them and wait for the watch to restart.
  • After charging, remove your watch from the charger, close all open apps on your iPhone and restart both devicesn your iPhone: close all open apps (double-press the Home button, then swipe up on each app).
  • Turn both devices off together, then restart your iPhone first.
  • To turn your watch off: press and hold the side button until you see the Power Off slider; drag it to turn off.
  • To turn it back on: press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo.

If the issue recurs, it may help to unpair and re-pair your watch (also after first ensuring that your watch is charged):
  • The Watch app on your iPhone takes a backup of your watch automatically when unpairing via the app. When setting it up again, choose to Restore from Backup. Most data and settings will be restored, with some exceptions (eg Apple Pay cards, passcode).Unpair your Apple Watch and iPhone - Apple Support
  • Set up your Apple Watch - Apple Support

If the issue persists, contact Apple Support (mail-in service may be available) or make a Genius Bar reservation with a view to having your watch and power accessories checked (under warranty, if eligible):

- Contact - Official Apple Support
elong 09:33 09/06/2016
Hi ..

And make sure the Apple Watch magnetic charging cable or dock is securely connected to a power outlet.
justme234 09:33 09/06/2016
When charging your watch, check that:
  • All plastic wrap has been removed from both ends and both sides of the charging cable (check closely on the head of the charger).

" >
  • The back of your watch and the head of the charging cable are clean and dry (clean them with a nonabrasive, lint-free cloth).
  • The charging head is properly aligned with the back of the watch, with the concave / curved side touching it fullyome watch docks, stands, cases or protectors might hinder this.
[*]You are using a genuine Apple Magnetic Charging Cable or an Apple certified magnetic charging module.[*]If you are charging your watch by plugging into mains power:
    Check that the USB connector on the Apple Magnetic Charging Cable is pushed fully into the USB Power Adapter.
  • Try using different adapters from the following:The genuine Apple USB Power Adapter that was supplied with the watch, or;
  • A genuine Apple 5W (iPhone) or 12W (iPad) USB Power Adapter, or;
  • An Apple-certified (MFi) third-party 5W USB power adapter.
[*]Try using a different power outlet (one that is known to be working properly).[*]If no other suitable power adapters are available, try instead charging via USB.[*]If charging via a USB port on a computer, ensure that you use a USB 2.0 or 3.0 port, the computer remains turned on and awake and the cable is plugged directly into the computer (not into, for example, an external keyboard).
More information:

Check your battery and charge your Apple Watch - Apple Support
wgadmin 09:33 09/06/2016
Yep all plastics removed from charge dock, watch was secured correctly, and so far after 3 hrs off charge, its still at 100% so not draining so far. i seem to remember some meaasge briefly flashing up on the screen when i put it on charge last night, but no idea what that message was. but thanks for your help so far, will monitor it.
justme234 09:33 09/06/2016
You're welcome!

Apple watch sport dropped from 80% to 3% over night even though i put it on charge

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