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are there any good virtual reality headsets that fit the Nexus 6p

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trying to find a virtual reality headset for my nexus 6p. I don't want to do cardboard
Asked: 06:15 18/04/2016
renoir 06:15 18/04/2016
Cardboard is the only VR headset that is compatible with the 6P. The sides may stick out a tiny bit since it's a long phone, but it fits.

Why do you not want to use cardboard? It's not at the level of the Gear VR, but it's more than adequate. If you're worried about not having a head strap, there are plenty of third party cardboard headsets on Amazon for $10-$15. I have one and it works great.

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are there any good virtual reality headsets that fit the Nexus 6p

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