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Auto response to text while driving

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I see that in previous discussions there is no way to do this. I have type in the DR (for driving code) but that makes me type DR in the text box while driving. I hope that Apple finds a fix for this soon. I have clients that have this feature on other phones and I am very jealous. I am a REALTOR and my text goes crazy a lot. I will not answer when driving and I wish I had a way to let my clients know that I am not blowing them off.


Asked: 05:30 21/05/2016
jackobo007 05:30 21/05/2016
The vast majority of us on this forum are all end users like youPlease send feedback, if desired, That said - have you considered using Siri in that regard - while you are absolutely correct about not responding to texts while driving - Siri has been used as a mechanism to read and respond to texts - there are several articles on it - if you would like to Google the terms
tootpick 05:30 21/05/2016
This is a user to user technical support forum. Apple is not here. Send your feedback to Apple here: Apple - Feedback.

Best of luck,

sarah 05:30 21/05/2016
It turns out it's quite simple to send a preset reply from an Apple Watch - in case this is of interest to you.

Use Messages with your Apple Watch - Apple Support

Auto response to text while driving

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