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Auto text response when on vacation

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I am an AT&T user..

When the IPhone first came out there was an auto text response feature.. I used it when on vacation.. It went away with the 4S

Will IPhone ever realize people go on vacation and need this to let customers know they are not ignoring them????? Anyone, HELP!!!! and not that lousy AT&T driving app..


Asked: 19:06 04/06/2016
oggin 19:06 04/06/2016
That is an email provider feature. You should be able to set a vacation response from the AT&T email settings page on a browser. Open your email on a browser, click on the gear on the upper right, select settings and then vacation response.
poppy 19:06 04/06/2016
Thank you but my question was NOT e-mail it was about TEXTING auto replies..
dev2717 19:06 04/06/2016
That would also have been a carrier feature. That has never been a feature of the iPhone, though many people have asked for it. My carrier has a way of setting one up through their website. Perhaps AT&T does, too.
poppy 19:06 04/06/2016
Thank you so much.. I will contact AT&T now

Auto text response when on vacation

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