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Auto Update to Lollipop - Deleted all data

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About 5 months ago I purchased a new Samsung Galaxy S5 from Ebay in Canada. I was always nagged to update to a new OS, it was called Lollipop however I never pressed the accept button to allow it to install the update. I was happy with the OS i had and saw no reason to update.

Yesterday I must have accidentally pressed the update button (i always have had to minimize the nag screen before seeing my icons). I did not know how to stop it and had no choice but to let it update. After about 5 or 10 minutes and it restarting itself I was presented with a very new look, many of my icons were missing. I started to look around and realized it had wiped everything, all apps i had previously installed were gone, my photos were gone, my message history gone, it was like starting all over.

Is this the way Android handles updates, by reformatting your computer and reinstalling the newest OS? Can I possible reverse this or at least recover my lost data? I have been searching for apps or windows programs that can connect to the device to restore but so far no luck.\

Please help!
Asked: 18:30 31/12/2015
daemeh 18:30 31/12/2015
Welcome to MobiFAQ! No, an update should never wipe your data. Is the phone still logged into the same Google account? What carrier are you on? Was the phone specfiically made for that carrier, or is it an international unlocked version?

Auto Update to Lollipop - Deleted all data

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