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Automatic response to iMessage/text message

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I am going on vacation and am wondering if there is a way to have an automatic reply to incoming texts. Similar to email, I would like an auto reply letting the sender know that I will be unavaolable for the next few days and state to call a coworker with any issues. I have iPhone 5s with iOS 8.3. Any suggestions?
Asked: 06:12 31/03/2016
mcolvin 06:12 31/03/2016
There is nothing native to the iPhone. You could check to see if there is something in the App Store, but I've never read of anything.
alang 06:12 31/03/2016
Bummer. This would be a nice feature........
mcolvin 06:12 31/03/2016
If you are interested in seeing a feature like that, then provide feedback to Apple HERE, and click on the appropriate subject area.
ibypass 06:12 31/03/2016
I'll recommend this feature. You'd think with so many fatalities due to distracted driving, something could be built into the Do Not Disturb feature. You can silence the phone and the caller can get a recorded message that you can't take the call. Why on earth can't that be done with iMessage? I'm not a big texter, but when that ding dings, like Pavlov's dog, I look at the screen. How many people respond by reading and typing a response? It would be nice to know that the person on the other end will get a "I'm driving and can't answer your text right now" reply.
s2kinteg916 06:12 31/03/2016
Submit your feedback to Apple here:

Meanwhile, if you are so conditioned to your phone that you can't avoid looking at it while driving, make use of DND. There is no requirement that every text be answered immediately, whether by a person or a automatic message. It will wait until it's safe for you to answer.

On a general note, there is no technological solution to human stupidity.
yfs1 06:12 31/03/2016
Often other people can get very impatient with text messages by no fault of your own. It would be a good feature to at least be able to respond to certain people "hey driving at the moment. will get back as soon as I can" or "on vacation. i'll respond when I get back on ".

Now you may say, "we'll that's too bad, those people can wait." But, what about people who have 9 months pregnant wives at home or children trying to reach them or etc. It would just be nice to let them know you status automatically in case they get worried or need something important.

Frankly, I don't really understand why you felt the need to write such a judgmental response to the person above.
s2kinteg916 06:12 31/03/2016
So if a nine-month pregnant woman texted someone one, an automated response would be better than no response?

"OMG! I'm in labor"

"I'm sorry. I can't respond to texts at the moment. I"m on vacation"

I'm not conviced you read the post to which I respnded. The poster said they were unable to control their own phone usage while driving. That would seem to call for judgement on someone's part.

Fankly, I can't undrestand why you resurrected an almost 6-month old post to add no technical value.

Happy Thanksgiving!
bennyp 06:12 31/03/2016
I would sincerely hope no such woman would choose to text rather than call in such a situation.

Automatic response to iMessage/text message

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