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Backup and restore questions

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What if the backup i want to use was made with a different name for the phone? Meaning Joes iPhone and was change to just iPhone.

Would that cause a problem using iTunes and the same question applies to Cloud.

And my second question is i have verizion as my carrier and their newest cloud backup version works like a charm.

It syncs the backup to them and you can use you phone to restore the backup or log into my account and see all your photos and files and pick and choose what you want.

Asked: 09:21 10/05/2016
cherryis 09:21 10/05/2016
iTunes sees the serial number on your phone as the way to identify it. You can keep changing the name over and over again and iTunes will still be able to identify it. The same holds true for iCloud in that it is linked to your Apple ID so you can change the name of the phone itself and that has no bearing on how iTunes or iCloud identifies it.

Your second question is not a question, but rather a statement. I find it of some interest because I am a Verizon customer myself and I remember something vaguely about that feature when I updated my plan, but like most emails that I get from Verizon, I trash them as soon as they come in.
dawn_j 09:21 10/05/2016
Hey Thank you for replying, it wasn't an e-mail from Verizon, go into the app store from you phone and read the reviews.

I haven't tried it yet, but with all the recent issues with iCloud lately I'm leaning towards the Verizon app.

Sorry my last post came out like a statement.

cherryis 09:21 10/05/2016
I actually found the emails that Verizon sent me. I keep an email folder with corresponce from them and if I think the emails are interesting or of importance, I save them into that folder. I will take a look at the app. Thanks for the heads up.
dawn_j 09:21 10/05/2016
New Cloud update is available, since I backed up my 4s to Tunes and am still having problems with the latest OS for my 6s Plus as far as lag

and freezing up.

Should I just delete my cloud account and use iTunes after a fresh full reset on my new 6s Plus?

Verizon store is of no help and these forums are hard to follow posts and replies.

A simple slot for a SD card would save us all these problems backing up and losing stuff from a cloud server.

Other than that, iPhones are great, but the latest OS has slowed down my phone and battery life has been affected.
cherryis 09:21 10/05/2016
IF you have a backup in iTunes, it couldn't hurt to restore the phone, then restore the backup.

I assume that you mean the cloud update is the one from Verizon and that it isn't working as you hoped, or am I reading your answer incorrectly? You shouldn't have to delete the cloud account, but I don't know anything about the feature. I haven't pursued it yet. If backing up to the Verizon cloud is causing problems, just don't backup to it anymore. But like I said, I'm not totally sure I understand what you are doing.

Backup and restore questions

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