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backup failed to restore during downgrade from 9.3beta to 9.2

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I've been running ios 9 beta on my iphone 5 for some months, but after major conflicts with my wifi I decided to unenroll from the beta testing. I followed all the instructions and now the backup I had made with ios 9.3 won't load onto the ios 9.2 phone because it is "obsolete". I have followed the steps on the FAQ for cases like these and nothing changed. If anyone could help me restore all my data onto my phone that would be really appreciated because I've lost quite a lot of important stuff (notes, passwords etc) and Apple Care already told me it is not their business.

p.s. do you think that when ios 9.3 is officially released I'll be able to restore the ios 9.3 beta backup?
Asked: 21:33 14/03/2016
frank71 21:33 14/03/2016
Unfortunately, if what you were told didn't work for you, nobody here will be able to help since we can not discuss anything having to do with the beta software. Besides, nobody here would know what to do since we are not using the beta iOS in the general forums.
sebasic 21:33 14/03/2016
thank you really much. This is a real problem but thank you.

backup failed to restore during downgrade from 9.3beta to 9.2

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