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Best Method to Transfer Movies from FCP on iMac to iPad

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I am using Final Cut Pro X on an iMac (mid 2011) OS X 10.11.5 and I want to transfer videos made with FCP to an iPac iOS Ver 9.3.2. What method of transfer woks works best with this parameters? Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks,
Asked: 15:06 09/06/2016
nickberry 15:06 09/06/2016
The typical way of transferring videos is to sync then following the steps here:

Sync media between your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and iTunes on your Mac or PC - Apple Support
sim64 15:06 09/06/2016
I have read thru this link several times and I can find nothing that gives me a clear simple method to do this type of transfer. The YouTube videos I have watched are too "out of date" to help much.

Thanks for your reply.
pstarnes 15:06 09/06/2016
export it from the program

use the free program called handbrake to convert it to a iPad supporting format

add the file to iTunes on your computer


Best Method to Transfer Movies from FCP on iMac to iPad

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