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BlackBerry 9320 Internet needs reboot, how do I do this?

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I have a BB9320 with a strange issue: Every once in a while I lose internet access on it & rebooting the phone (shift + alt + del) will restore it.

The sms & voice ability is unaffected during this phase. Seems to happen at random intervals but typically once every few hours. The 3G / Edge icon stays on. The signal strength is good.

After reboot internet starts working at the exact same location, so does not seem like a network issue.

Any ideas how to debug?

I am not using a BB Data plan but just a regular one. I have tried both the BB Browser as well as Opera.

My mobile network mode selection is "Automatic" & "Both 3G & 2G"
Asked: 02:33 28/07/2016
arteryplanet 02:33 28/07/2016
Never tried to use a BBOS device without a BIS plan.... kinda how it's suppose to work.

Might suggest you go through this Guide: BlackBerry OS 7 (maybe 6) WITHOUT BIS

BlackBerry 9320 Internet needs reboot, how do I do this?

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