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Blackberry q10 device memory problem

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hey guys,..please help bb q10 device memory is giving me updated to 10.3.1..then suddenly the system started taking up more currently takes up 10.2gb..ive just over a gb of apps installed..all media on my memcard..because of this my phone has become really slow..should i master reset the phone and update it again?..should i go for ota update or via bb link?..also how do i back up my contacts?..someone please help me with the procedure..thanks
Asked: 10:48 17/03/2016
justme234 10:48 17/03/2016
You can back up your contacts with BB Link or an app such as Backup pro. Personally I would do a factory reset with link but that will put you on the latest OS for your carrier which could mean 10.3.2.XX. If you prefer to stay with 10.3.1.XX dredge up an autoloader.
mjewel 10:48 17/03/2016
ok..thanks for the it advisable to do via link?..can you breif me through the procedure?..thanks
justme234 10:48 17/03/2016
I tried to find a decent guide with pictures for you. Unfortunately I failed. (I might throw together some pictures later on tonight if I get the chance.)

I lew of it, try the method listed in this guide starting with "Restore your device to its factory default settings using BlackBerry Link"
Update your device software - BlackBerry Z10 - 10.3.2

Don't for get to back-up your device while you're in there!
mjewel 10:48 17/03/2016
Ok thanks again..does backup even cover apps? I've a lot of paid apps..will I have to pay for them again?..and after restore will I be back to BlackBerry 10.1 or will it be automatically updated to 10.3.2..?

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Blackberry q10 device memory problem

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