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how do i switch apps from my phone to my sd card?

i have a 16gb phone and an additional 8gb sd card but my internal storage is nearly full and i am unsure of how to switch my...

by 4comp Last post 05:27 29/11/2016 361 2

Skype on Passport fails to dial, video call and audio call

Hi I have been using Skype downloaded from Snap for some months and it did work perfectly on my BlackBerry Passport However...

by forwhomthebelltolls Last post 04:21 29/11/2016 332 2

How do i recover deleted text messages on Z30?

Is there a software or app you recommend to recover deleted text messages?

by jtuttle Last post 02:33 29/11/2016 438 2

can I save voicemails to a file?

I want to switch carriers but I have some really hilarious voicemails that I've saved for years I'd hate to lose Can they be...

by andrewsnider Last post 01:27 29/11/2016 380 2

How do you get the calandar appointments to display in a Classic

My phone alternates displaying calendar appointments and showing a blank calendar I am doing absolutely nothing to cause this I...

by utrosa Last post 01:24 29/11/2016 339 1

Did this smartwatch ever come out?

i just copy and pasted as i saw it Rado Hyperchome Smartwatch Powered by BlackBerry 10

by akash.kava Last post 00:03 29/11/2016 291 1

Will I have issues using a Bold 9900 on AT&T in 2016?

I'm looking at moving from an iPhone 6S to a Bold 9900 (I know) I'm on AT&T I used a Curve way back when Aside from needing a...

by merulz Last post 00:00 29/11/2016 451 1

how to use bbm on q10 on wifi ?

how to use bbm on q10 on wifi ? if not can i use bbm apk on my q10 instead of bbm on my q10 ? help plz i need to use it

by rfuess Last post 22:36 28/11/2016 381 1

did this ever came out?

i just copy and pasted as i saw it Rado Hyperchome Smartwatch Powered by BlackBerry 10

by marcovolpe Last post 22:33 28/11/2016 334 1

How do people like dtek50

I have z10 would like to known more about the dtex 50

by alpinesprings Last post 19:48 28/11/2016 423 5

what is the best way to update blackberry 10 os for q10 on Tmobile?

Hi first time posting here I have a q10 running 10 2 1 2156 on Tmobile bought new off of ebay for only Tmobile network over 2...

by nitin Last post 19:45 28/11/2016 380 4

what is the best store to install apk file & uninstall it ?

what is the best store to install apk file & uninstall it not install only i have q10 os : 10 3 2 2876 i have update runtime

by m_jones Last post 18:36 28/11/2016 435 1

Newly purchased Blackberry Q10 in 'SUSPENDED' status!

I purchased a BB Q10 from Amazon in in Sep 2016 As the BBM was not working I contacted the Blackberry help The Blackberry...

by leeppp222 Last post 18:33 28/11/2016 443 3

Can the blackberry bold 9000 be turned on remotely?

the phone was off and plugged into the charger and then it was on with a clock and speaker icon showing on the screen

by rajendra Last post 16:48 28/11/2016 309 1

Is there a Flashlight App with Multitasking?

Straightforward question Is there an app (free or paid) for Blackberry OS 7 phones (like Bold 9900) that has multi tasking...

by mxlabs Last post 16:45 28/11/2016 329 1

Unable to boot

my classic is showing www bberror com/bb10 0015 after I tried wiping the phone Pls what would l do to recover this phone

by darker Last post 16:42 28/11/2016 377 1

Stuck at Passport initial setup - touch keyboard not reacting, can't complete

Hi! I have factory restored my beloved Passport and now I'm stuck at initial setup Everything is fine until I get to the touch...

by ksandven Last post 16:39 28/11/2016 487 1

Where can I find "options" button/icon on my Classic

I am trying to find out whether my phone is unlocked and the manual says press "options" where is options? ?

by newilia Last post 16:36 28/11/2016 438 1

How are DTEK50 and DTEK60 doing in the international market?

Hey everyone I just want to know genuine reviews about DTEK 50 & 60 And how well are they doing as it is not yet released in my...

by bachuss Last post 08:03 28/11/2016 838 18

copy data to blackberry 10 but keep 7 on old phone

Can i copy data to BB 10 from BB7 phone and still keep old BB7

by geir Last post 06:26 28/11/2016 357 2