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how to fix a short circuit blackberry bold 3

The short circuit is caused by water

by lavaronan Last post 10:15 07/12/2016 607 1

If i Purchased Passport Black

Does IMO work on that Does Whatsapp Apk Work Does Messenger Apk Work ?

by rjcable Last post 06:06 07/12/2016 585 1

Priv - Slow charge time?

I just got my first Blackberry and love it! Except two problems 1 They physical keyboard is terrible compared to my OLD...

by oliphaunt Last post 04:33 07/12/2016 1079 11

How to connect to public wi-fi (hot-spot) using a Priv?

Some public wi fi (hotspots) requires you to connect and then when you try to browse it brings up a login site for you However...

by quadcity Last post 00:45 07/12/2016 523 1

I can't get the priv to connect to hotspots (public wi-fi)

Some public wi fi (hotspots) requires you to connect and then when you try to browse it brings up a login site for you However...

by cellsina Last post 00:42 07/12/2016 574 2

Blackberry classic-good business phone?

So I wanted to know if the blackberry classic is good as a business phone just want to state that I don't like the designs of...

by manosk Last post 23:09 06/12/2016 494 7

How do I change the notification sounds on my DTEK and priv

I have done like I always do and added all my ring tones and notification sounds but I can only get the ring tone I want as for...

by kaptain Last post 23:06 06/12/2016 468 2

How can I swap data from one sd card to another?

I just got a new Priv and I put my old 8g SD card in it but I'm buying a new 32g card for it How can I safely move the data...

by sixcorp Last post 21:33 06/12/2016 404 2

Why can't I open my email in my Passport message list?

I click on an email and nothing happens only gives me an option to delete or file?

by joshc Last post 20:30 06/12/2016 667 4

transferring data from mt z10 to a dtek 50

I've upgraded to a dtek 50 and want to transfer data from my z10 I keep running into an issue where the system doesn't support...

by gm1234 Last post 20:27 06/12/2016 752 1

Anyone having BlueTooth issues connecting with 10.3.3?

My Passport SE just updated yesterday but my truck won't connect I haven't tried my other vehicle yet but my Logitec...

by telnform Last post 20:24 06/12/2016 522 4

I'm having an issue in synchronising my Blackberry Classic with Outlook.

All my diary entries on my Blackberry have been removed both future and past but they are still on Outlook I have not seen this...

by d360 Last post 19:21 06/12/2016 591 1

Unable to update Passport

Hello last week I bought a blackberry passport in Greece from amazon and I have had my share of issues however most importantly...

by onek02 Last post 17:45 06/12/2016 463 1

Why i cant update from10.3.0.908

My passport is running 10 3 0 908 but i get no update in the update section Anyone knows why?I bought it last week in Greece...

by adria Last post 17:42 06/12/2016 494 4

I have Linux on my Laptop. How do I download photos from my 4 yr old Blackberry 10

Phone and camera work OK but I cannot retrieve photos from it

by aneelthm Last post 14:27 06/12/2016 432 3

how to download photos

Blackberry 10 to a Linux on a Laptop

by firefoxpat Last post 14:24 06/12/2016 531 1

no headset is working properly of right side

Hello in my mobile am enable to hear one of the earphones when pluged in and facing the same problem when I use the random...

by devnull4u Last post 14:21 06/12/2016 418 1

Blackberry passport Function

hay Everyone I Used Blackberry Passport i Did Security Wipe And After Finished Security Wipe Software Gets Update It self then...

by lever Last post 11:36 06/12/2016 465 4

blackberry classic

memory card will not detect after restarting the phone otherwise ok

by besthealth Last post 11:33 06/12/2016 389 1