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Travel app for DTEK60?

I miss the Blackberry Travel app on BB OS 10 any Travel app recommendations for DTEK60? Thanks

by ferret77 Last post 06:06 06/12/2016 412 3

bb error 10-0015 in bb passport is not getting fixed by reload bb link

I tried a lot to reload but after green light again and again red light appears and it gets disconnecting and cannot reload...

by fipy Last post 06:03 06/12/2016 442 3

How do I change the BBID I'm using on my Q10?

Sorry Duplicate post Feel free to delete this

by apondonet Last post 04:45 06/12/2016 515 4

Blackberry Link does not see iTunes playlists on my computer

I am no longer able to sync iTunes playlists with my Blackberry Q10 I had done so probably about two year ago I think with an...

by chester Last post 01:51 06/12/2016 353 1

Music on dtek50

I switched from a z10 to dtek50 Transferred content via google I can't find any music or music app like the old one had is...

by shuba Last post 01:48 06/12/2016 488 3

Blackberry better than 10.3.3?

As I can read in the forums there is nothing new on 10 3 3 except some small changes in web browser Also SNAP doesn't work any...

by bpal Last post 23:06 05/12/2016 464 3

Can I use my DETEK 50 as a PC?

Just got a DETEK 50 on my desk and still unopened? Since I have 2 Q5 and a Z30 I really like that I can use the Z30 with an...

by dr.sam Last post 23:03 05/12/2016 488 2

DTEK50: can the LED colour be customized?

I want to have different LED colours for my DTEK50 With the app Light Manager it did not work Has any of you an idea?

by housenetwork Last post 23:00 05/12/2016 467 2

A Bold 9780 In decembre 2016: I have questions

Hello br/> I am desperate to get a smartphone which doesn’t give me pains I am suffering from kind of unexplainable...

by sigonasr Last post 21:42 05/12/2016 448 7

Is the blackberry classic good as a business phone?

So I wanted to know if the blackberry classic is good as a business phone just want to state that I don't like the designs of...

by august Last post 21:39 05/12/2016 415 1

why doesn't the priv have visual voicemail???

went to VM app and it makes me call into number

by adacomp Last post 20:18 05/12/2016 538 3


Has anyone found a USB C to HDMI interface for the DTEK 60?

by dominic Last post 20:15 05/12/2016 487 2

Display port alternative mode

Does the DTEK 60 have a Display port alternative mode? (which supports USB C to HMDI)

by whatifind Last post 20:12 05/12/2016 490 1

Is there enough iron in a z10 for a magnet to retrieve from river bottom

The phone is in 20 feet of water directly below a known location I need to get back the SD card and have a big magnet

by rocky Last post 20:09 05/12/2016 434 7

Passport & gaming

I know that passport is not meant for gaming but i just want to ask if someone has played apps like epsxe ppsspp or reicast...

by domainscot Last post 18:39 05/12/2016 592 1

BlackBerry Passport is dead

My BlackBerry Passport on 10 3 2 2836 is dead when I tried to do security wipe It gave this error www bberror com/bb10 0015 I...

by johncr Last post 15:54 05/12/2016 434 1

Running Android 4.4 apps

Hi Any chance to run Android 4 4 apps on a Leap? Is there any workaround or patcher that I may try? Thanks a lot for your help

by felixren Last post 15:15 05/12/2016 400 1

can i install android os on blackberry z10

i want install android lollipop on blackberry z10

by eduardomaio Last post 12:57 05/12/2016 393 2

Size of the font on the Blackberry Classic

I currently have a blackberry curve 9220 which I truly love but the keyboard has a few keys that stick so I thought I would...

by kimberly_diamond Last post 10:06 05/12/2016 418 4

Android app on Passport

Hello I got a Passport 3 days ago and there is some Android app that i cannot make work I know som android app will never work...

by jota Last post 08:39 05/12/2016 456 3