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How can I downgrade this OS 10.3.3???????

I hurriedly and excitedly downloaded the autoloader for OS 10 3 3 2409 and backed up my Q10 before loading the autoloader And...

by keith Last post 01:33 05/12/2016 558 9

Brand new Priv not working properly!

Hi I'm wondering if somebody could help I have read through the forums for similar problems but nothing too recent I bought my...

by can1one Last post 22:51 04/12/2016 481 6

Can anyone tell me, how can i delete apk files from my device?

Guys you know that Instagram todays is not responding OS So we can solve this problem by download older version instagram( ver...

by mjewel Last post 22:45 04/12/2016 379 1

PRIV - Are there any glass screen protectors that are fully glued to the Priv's screen?

My new Priv is 2 days old I got a Seidio slide case and a clear glass screen protector for it I was happy with them until I...

by onemorebite Last post 21:54 04/12/2016 521 5

Is anyone experiencing issues with Blackberry Launcher for the Blackberry Priv?

When I switch the Blackberry Launcher to the "Dark" theme on my Blackberry Priv I have started to experience slower response...

by endomorph Last post 21:51 04/12/2016 380 3

Where are recorded calls saved on Priv?

There are two parallel lines in the phone app of the priv When you hit that icon it says that it has begun recording the phone...

by druffus Last post 20:09 04/12/2016 419 3

my "classic" crashed after downloading

It is locked at a screen stating "100%" "finalizing device setup" This could be a catastrophe

by twinsrul Last post 20:06 04/12/2016 1021 13

my "classic" crashed after downloading

I was the original poster in the link below my phone is locked in the "100%" "Finalizing device setup" screen To answer...

by rcmedia Last post 20:03 04/12/2016 564 1

On resetting my bbz10 occured

After connecting to bb link in preferences on clicking Reload Device Software it says there are no Blackberry Device Software...

by chester Last post 18:42 04/12/2016 393 1

can i delete the amazon app from a blackberry classic

I don't use it and get constant update notifications and I don't like the app being able to share files location camera etc

by steviesullivan Last post 18:39 04/12/2016 427 2

Using Blackberry Hub on a Priv

Hello I have recently purchased a Priv and so far very happy with it However I have a slight problem with the Hub: 1 I have an...

by anntaj Last post 18:36 04/12/2016 429 1

Help! Blackberry passport back panel opening after drop...wont close!

I dropped my passport from 3 ft up onto a carpet (not the largest drop for a blackberry) but now the plastic casing on the back...

by avraadhya Last post 18:33 04/12/2016 316 1

Why I can't open BlackberryBlend on my MacBook Air?

I tried to download Blend to my Mac but when I press Install a window pops up saying: " it is an application downloaded from...

by znet Last post 14:21 04/12/2016 462 1

How do I get Blackberry Link to work with 10.3.3?

After installing 10 3 3 with an autoloader I cannot restore my contacts from a BB Link backup I get “Loading the restore...

by blueuniverse Last post 14:18 04/12/2016 837 2

Where can I hire Blackberry app developers?

I would like some apps developed for BBOS How and where can I proceed concerning this? Cheers

by cashplanet Last post 12:45 04/12/2016 271 2

bberror bb10-0016 not booting - Z10

Hello i tried to update(os 10 3 3) My Z10 via side loader while updating Device get hanged and after reboot device showing...

by maryjane Last post 11:27 04/12/2016 611 1

Hallo,is an update of

10 3 3 1359 does not support account additions i e facebook whatsapp

by ukbill69 Last post 09:57 04/12/2016 415 6

whatsapp on BB OS will be working on 2017?

I want to be sure if whatsapp won´t work on my Z30 on 2017 I won´t change my device just for an app even if it´s the most used...

by gm1234 Last post 05:48 04/12/2016 389 1

how do I turn on my keyboard lighting onq10?

Please help txting in the dark sucks

by adz Last post 05:45 04/12/2016 344 1

Why is my last Priv update from Rogers from October 2016 - it is now December

I thought that these updates came every month I had to do a factory reset for the DTEK issue is there something I need to reset...

by dirand Last post 04:45 04/12/2016 278 2