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Sprint only has the Q10... Good idea to get it?

Sprint stopped carrying BB devices after the Q10 I'm on Sprint as well as many other people Would you recommend getting a...

by dhaliwal Last post 04:42 04/12/2016 321 7

Snap won't open...

Just got a Passport SE Checked for updates it said I can update to 10 3 3 1359 so I did that Then I tried sideloading snap with...

by priyanka Last post 03:09 04/12/2016 551 1

Is there any site have a many bar files to blackberry 10 ?

i need to bar files like viber facebook messenger insta etc help me

by jennyfine Last post 01:30 04/12/2016 318 1

Miracast dongle connected to monitor NO-sound Problem: Passport vs PRIV

I got the new Microsoft Miracast dongle Very nice However when casting from my PRIV there seems to be no way on Android to...

by etijburg Last post 01:27 04/12/2016 393 2

android apps crash! help please!

many android apps like facebook messenger snapchat youtube dubsmash are not working on my blackberry passport!! I have...

by logan Last post 00:15 04/12/2016 379 1

does z10 get new osupdate

does z10 get update 10 3 32050

by mcampos Last post 23:18 03/12/2016 276 1

Now that 10.3.3 is official, has anyone attempted to downgrade?

I really wish to go back to 10 3 2 and I have updated my factory unlocked BlackBerry Passport to 10 3 3 via OTA and I want to...

by robw Last post 23:15 03/12/2016 425 6

Problems with Z30 on

I know all the jokes about 10 3 3 never coming and once it came I'm more frustrated with BlackBerry than I have ever been in my...

by resalebroker Last post 23:12 03/12/2016 525 4

Do Not Disturb Vs. Bedside Mode

In quick settings I have an option to choose either of the profiles "Do Not Disturb" or "Bedside Mode" under the...

by stripersonline Last post 23:09 03/12/2016 391 3

i cannot connect my curve 8520 to my desktop manger on a mac what do i do?

i cannot connect my curve 8520 to my desktop manger on a mac what do i do?

by iconv Last post 23:06 03/12/2016 338 2

How can I force restart my BlackBerry Priv?

Hi My blackberry priv just cracked I can't unlock it or restart it If I press the power button the "power off/restart" will pup...

by craig Last post 22:09 03/12/2016 347 1

Transfer of info Z30-DTEK60

Am I able to transfer from my Z30 to DTEK60? How is this done?

by patient Last post 20:06 03/12/2016 375 1

Battery Replacement

Hey has anyone found somewhere to purchase a replacement battery for the priv? I purchased mine just over a year ago and of...

by dianaward Last post 20:03 03/12/2016 378 3

Goodbye letter from "Messenger" - Facebook

Or it was a suicide note?

by tadikonda Last post 18:30 03/12/2016 510 8

Can someone post the Blackberry runtime for Android file to me?

The BlackBerry World web link is broken and I cannot find anywhere can download the file Please help

by andy81 Last post 17:18 03/12/2016 412 4

Why is BBM not in the apple App Store?

BBM not showing up in App Store Can't find info in BB site It sends me to App Store which sayes its unavailable

by chrisr Last post 17:15 03/12/2016 330 7

Are Any Of The Pre-Installed Apps Really Needed?

The Priv is my first real smartphone I know I know I clung to my "old man phone" forever! I really love it but it reminds me of...

by ultralexy Last post 15:57 03/12/2016 358 1

Restore Backup of Q5 to a Passport

Hello br/> First sorry for my very very very poor english I have 6 month later a Blackberry Q5 and i do a backup with...

by golddust Last post 15:54 03/12/2016 347 2

Looking for an app to alarm me before deadline expires...

I work on files in my job which have time limit I'm looking for a program on BB which alarms me when I need to take steps to...

by weismann Last post 15:51 03/12/2016 320 2

Where to use patcher?

I dunno where to use patcher and when it is include at file share

by krilin50 Last post 15:48 03/12/2016 354 1