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Questions for the 10.3.3 users

Ok how is the battery life and general performance on passport se ? Does the lockscreen wake with the new notifications...

by john_loch Last post 14:09 03/12/2016 339 1

The Classic destroyed my confidence in BlackBerry

This has been my most disappointing moment with a Mobile Device BB devices have had issues but for a new one like BB10 Classic...

by nzlake Last post 13:42 03/12/2016 1041 24

Z10 camera has suddenly stopped functioning

the camera in the Z10 was working properly but suddenly has stopped working When i start the camera it says " the camera cant...

by sales Last post 13:39 03/12/2016 282 1

hi my black berryz30 is not supporting jio4g

hi black berryz30 is not supporting jio4g what will i do kindly suggest me

by david Last post 08:27 03/12/2016 357 2

Does anyone have the native twitter bar file that showed what was trending?

Before twitter updated the native bar file you used to be able to see what was trending They have now removed that Does anyone...

by freak Last post 02:48 03/12/2016 259 2

Blackberry keyboard

I'm currently using the S7edge And I have installed BBM plus the hub however I cannot find the bb keyboard What am I doing...

by jcwacky Last post 22:45 02/12/2016 426 3

Q10 cannot sync with iMac or iPad BB software

I have previously synched my Q10 with my iMac using Desktop Manager I am using a iMac with OS 10 2; an iPad using OS 9 3 5; my...

by Last post 21:42 02/12/2016 389 2

Does any have an email address to complain directly to blackberry?

I would love to express my extreme disappointment dissatisfaction disgust with the Passport

by net4ward Last post 19:57 02/12/2016 281 1

Is there a VR headset that is compatible with BlackBerry Priv?

is blackberry priv compatible with any virtual realty headset?

by windsilver Last post 19:15 02/12/2016 374 1

Where are the apps located in a BB?

I attached my Torch to my PC and am looking for where the apps are located in "My Computer" on Windows But cant' seem to find...

by goldenit Last post 18:24 02/12/2016 301 2

Can Priv ring for phone calls and vibrate when data comes in?

how do I have the phone ring when a call is coming in but only vibrate for emails and texts?

by wolverine Last post 18:21 02/12/2016 340 1

What would cause my Priv to constantly reboot/restart?

Updated recently and now my Priv restarts about every 5 minutes It is more stable if I'm using it as a hotspot I tried a...

by vivekar Last post 17:30 02/12/2016 305 1

does anyone have a seidio holster for a naked blackberry OG passport?

I am looking to buy a holster for the original blackberry passport

by webcertain Last post 17:27 02/12/2016 343 4

Q10 wifi calling switches off

Howdy I just upgraded to a second hand SQN100 4 Q10 on Sprint after nearly a decade of Treo 755p Actually my focus is a...

by samson Last post 17:24 02/12/2016 389 3

Distorted image on mobile banking check deposit feature.

I have both CIBC and TD bank mobile apps I tried depositing a check using the E deposit feature Every time I tried to take a...

by jan Last post 14:12 02/12/2016 309 1

Unlock DTEK50 in UK

Hello got a DTEK50 in the UK on EE network How do I unlock it for use on Vodafone network?

by donna Last post 12:51 02/12/2016 348 1

sound on ringing not sound on music . why?

why when my q10 ringing sound is low but when i play on music is very nice ? (( all of settings on high volume )) what can i do...

by moleskin Last post 12:48 02/12/2016 321 1

Outlook Calendar Contacts sync with DTEK 50

You know I have had my DETEK 50 now for a number of weeks and I just cannot sync my MSOutlook Diary and Contacts I have tried...

by karated Last post 11:27 02/12/2016 568 2

New to blackberry...and having issues

Hello I just got a BB passport yesterday and i am trying to make it work However the BBM app is not working at all I always...

by chuckfox Last post 11:24 02/12/2016 348 3

whatsapp voice message not sending.when i record automatically delete y ??please help

when i record voice message after leave the record button the message automatically delete not sen after i restart the mobile...

by atique Last post 11:21 02/12/2016 317 1