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linkedin services are not available

linked in is not able to retrieve any data and is unavailable every time I start the Application i am not able to see any posts...

by isaiah611 Last post 08:33 02/12/2016 390 1

How does Blackberry HUB+ work on Samsung Galaxy A5 devices?

We have few Samsung Galaxy devices in the company and we want to use all Blackberry apps on them Is there any issues to...

by enterprise_seo Last post 08:27 02/12/2016 382 3

Pairing Issues with Dtek50

Can't pair my Dtek50 with Uconnect on my 2013 Dodge Caravan?

by freak Last post 04:24 02/12/2016 386 2

Unlocked Verizon BlackBerry Bold 9930 NO BIS at&t, now wont work on verizon?

Bought the phone on amazon and activated it on at&t and none of the internet features would work I guess at&t doesn't support...

by maryjones Last post 03:39 02/12/2016 548 3

Delete App from Amazon on BB Classic

I downloaded the Fitbit App from Amazon When I open it all I get is a black screen I have tried holding it and tapping the...

by atmannirvana Last post 00:24 02/12/2016 501 2

How can i change my physical keyboard on Priv to QWERZ?

Hi i just swapped from a Q10 to the Priv still trying to get it all set up I realized that i seem to not be able to change the...

by myvv Last post 00:21 02/12/2016 416 5

How can I print Contacts from Blackberry Q10?

I would like to print and edit my contact list I have almost 2 000 contacts and this is too difficult to do on the phone

by jules Last post 00:18 02/12/2016 324 1

Passsport SE in Passport OG case by Lucrin Geneva

Hey Just wondering if anyone has tried putting their Passport SE in a Passport OG sleeve style case by Lucrin Geneva (or any...

by webandrey Last post 00:15 02/12/2016 373 7

OS 7 browser that supports desktop user-agent?

On OS7 some sites don't work well in mobile mode or even work at all (ebay being one example) I need a browser which allows me...

by hansv Last post 22:45 01/12/2016 301 1

Why does my BBM not have video call option?

I have the latest version of BBM as available on the Blackberry World for my Z10 i e ver 10 14 6 9 And BlackBerry OS 10 3 2...

by philr Last post 21:33 01/12/2016 384 5

why ? why? why ?

why facebook apk dont work on my q10 ? i have updated my os to 10 3 2 2836 i have updated runtime facebook with any version not...

by easygoin Last post 21:27 01/12/2016 366 7

is there a way to have the volume at "phone calls only" on the priv

Before there was a phone call only option can you set that on the PRIV?

by beroses Last post 20:00 01/12/2016 495 2

blackberry transfer from bb10 to priv problem

Hello br/> Just received my new Priv it's amazing device coming from bb10 to android The problem is I was using for some time...

by tomld Last post 19:57 01/12/2016 329 1

DTEK50 software upgrade

Will Blackberry upgrade the software of DTEK50 to support Freedom mobile's LTE network?

by denno Last post 18:39 01/12/2016 366 1

The Classic has Destroyed my Confidence in BB after over 7 yrs of use of BB

This has been my most disappointing moment with a Mobile Device BB devices have had issues but for a new one like BB10 Classic...

by willthegeek Last post 18:36 01/12/2016 1051 24

Is there a forum for Z10 Q and A's?

When I scroll through the listed forums Z10 doesn't seem to appear there

by fiftybyfifty Last post 17:42 01/12/2016 560 2

Problems using Azure Authenticator

Howdy We recently enabled multi factor authentication at work and everyone with Apple/Android are using the "Azure...

by jajaguy14 Last post 17:39 01/12/2016 352 1

How often Blackberry updates the DTEK50.

I just received my phone from ShopBlackberry and I'm facing software (hopefully) issues When the phone starts taking a load it...

by foontoon Last post 15:42 01/12/2016 385 7

my blackberry passport is not coming up and also not charging

why is my blackberry passport not charging and coming up

by ojm Last post 13:57 01/12/2016 422 3

blackberry world is not opening in my blackBerry q10

In my blackberry Q10 Blackberry world is not opening is there any alternative way to download blackberry world ( like wise we...

by rokatesh Last post 12:45 01/12/2016 413 1