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I want to disable the green indicator on my BlackBerry Passport

My bb passport I want to disable the green indicator and I couldn't find option to correct it

by mandrake Last post 03:15 01/12/2016 316 5

How to transfer WhatsApp data from Passport to Priv?

hi am currently using blackberry passport i would like to shift to blackberry priv how to transfer the whats app messages and...

by yfs1 Last post 03:12 01/12/2016 365 1

how to backup contact list from my DTEK50?

how do i bakup contact files from dtex50 phone to computor

by bennyp Last post 03:09 01/12/2016 296 1

Unable to install Google Play Store on Passport

i am facing difficulty in installing play service and unable to register email

by yoyokidd Last post 02:09 01/12/2016 301 1

Is it worth the extra money to get the DTEK60 instead of the DTEK50?

As much as I love my z30 google play services aren't supported and I was wondering how much better the 60 is over the 50 Thank...

by webmagnets Last post 01:45 01/12/2016 293 3

Will the PRIV run BBM after Jan 1st 2017?

Given that the PRIV runs an Android OS will the PRIV still be able to use BBM?

by dougedoug Last post 01:42 01/12/2016 321 5

Can the PRIV run What'sApp?

With the PRIV running an Android OS will it support What'sApp? My understanding is that Blackberry's own OS will not support...

by younghistorians Last post 01:39 01/12/2016 471 2

Can't install pro app upgrades from Play Store

Hi I'm using the Android Play Store from Cobalt32 The main issue is that I have previously bought a few apps that have pro...

by leveldisc Last post 01:36 01/12/2016 365 2

Playing music via bluetooth auto stops

i recently bought a Priv and paired it with my car afterwards i downloaded Blackplayer i was listening to the first few songs...

by cgimaster Last post 01:33 01/12/2016 318 3

How do you replace a blackberry z30 screen / digitizer?

So I accidentally dropped my z30 in the parking lot and I bought a replacement screen but I didn't realize it wasn't the full...

by draculus Last post 00:09 01/12/2016 303 3

Is it possible to apply Android OS on Blackberry Passport ?

I've bought BB Passport (Black one) recently and I see no many opportunities So I wonder if Android OS can be applied to BB...

by malvardesign Last post 22:45 30/11/2016 326 3

how to backup contact list from ny dtex50

how do i bakup contact files from dtex50 phone to computor

by discountdomains Last post 21:36 30/11/2016 282 1

Unable to sideload apps through chrome.

#BBQ10 3 I am using playbook extension in chrome and i was able to sideload any apk or bar file Today i tried to sideload apps...

by clarification Last post 21:33 30/11/2016 293 4

Mp3 music file format not supported

I have blackberry z3 running BB OS 10 3 2836 When i try to play some of the music files (Mp3) it says "This file contains an...

by tonysdesigns Last post 21:30 30/11/2016 321 2

Blackberry Priv - screen keyboard is activating when physical keyboard open

This is a new issue on my Blackberry Priv When I open the physical keyboard to type something the on screen keyboard turns on...

by damol Last post 21:27 30/11/2016 318 6

Canadians - did you have to pay customs charges from ShopBB?

I want to order some items from ShopBB but I don't want to have the unexpected collection at my door when the package arrives...

by divat Last post 19:48 30/11/2016 314 8

Where can I get a nice list of quick Physical Keyboard shortcuts?

I want to be a BB Keyboard Ace!

by bennyg Last post 18:48 30/11/2016 270 6

Is there such a thing as a thing as a soft reboot for BB10?

An inexplicable reboot happened to my BB10 device I was typing while running a timer However after the BlackBerry "rebooted"...

by 1stzip Last post 18:45 30/11/2016 234 3

HG10 or Hangouts on Classic

I have a Classic and am trying to use HG10 to get Google Hangouts functionality We have a corporate Google Apps account so I...

by spectrum Last post 18:42 30/11/2016 365 2

Z10 SD card can't be read by PC via external SD reader

Hi I was in love with my Z10 but the touch screen died last week and had to change phone The phone couldn't be recognized by...

by nileshn Last post 18:39 30/11/2016 419 4