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how to transfer whats app data from blackberry passport to blackberry priv

hi am currently using blackberry passport i would like to shift to blackberry priv how to transfer the whats app messages and...

by dagrey Last post 15:39 30/11/2016 381 1

Priv - Contact Info (deletions) not updating to main contact page

I'm not very tech savvy but need help with my Priv I have a massive # of contacts When I "edit contact" to delete information...

by ben_uk Last post 15:36 30/11/2016 320 3

Fitbit app on BB classic

I downloaded the Fitbit app from Amazon to my BB classic It opened once screen was stuck and now all i get is a black screen...

by kentagain Last post 15:33 30/11/2016 365 1

im clicking apps and they wont open

Everytime i click on any app whether it be BBM text alarm twitter etc it shuts it down straight away not sure what happened or...

by mickdonedee Last post 13:51 30/11/2016 349 1

How to setup a VPN subscription & Pandora Radio Premium on BB Classic?

Dear I am new to Blackberry devices Right now I use iPhone 5s I use few apps on my iPhone that are very important and very...

by vovik64 Last post 12:33 30/11/2016 450 2

unable to instal google playstore in blackberry passport

i am facing difficulty in installing play service and unable to register email

by eddie_21 Last post 12:30 30/11/2016 347 1

Does anyone have a coupon I can use to buy a Priv?

I am looking to buy a Priv and wondering if someone has a coupon code I can use?

by pmorrissey Last post 12:27 30/11/2016 378 1

I want WAA Fixer last version

like wen i say ، i want the last verstion of WAA Fixer bar، app

by laiwa Last post 09:39 30/11/2016 346 1

What is the solitaire high score, for a blackberry classic?

My high score is 1107 fastest time is 2:25 and least amount of moves is 70 How do you find a blackberry solitaire forum

by joedan Last post 05:51 30/11/2016 347 2

Do I need to install an internet security programme on my priv?

Hi I am a Noob and am not up to speed on all the soft/hard ware for BBs I just bought a Priv from the BB store Does Dtek just...

by clarification Last post 05:45 30/11/2016 369 1

Display ic chip

Hello i replaced my bb q5 screen and while i was doing it i had to take it back apart witch lead to me breaking 2 ic chips...

by z06tim Last post 04:09 30/11/2016 358 2

why is my z10 not switching on ?

the device is dead when I remove the battery and re insert it it is the same before going dead if i remove and re insert the...

by oliphaunt Last post 03:00 30/11/2016 461 2

How to disable the emergency call for my blackberry passport phone ?

I have had this problem for several times already I would like to learn to remove or disable this feature Thank you

by godsakes Last post 02:57 30/11/2016 450 1

my z10 wipe security stuck at 97%

I do elimination of security for blackberry id forgotten your password but after the process was just stuck at 98% is already a...

by rcochran Last post 19:57 29/11/2016 374 1

Can a Passport SE support goTenna and its app.

www gotenna com I know the totally Android BBs are prepared for this but can it work on a PP SE and where can I find an app?...

by shippersaver Last post 17:00 29/11/2016 451 1

How can I syncronise my Outlook with my DETEK50?

calendar adresses

by grasshoppa Last post 15:21 29/11/2016 351 1

Quick charge vs Wireless charge

What would you prefer?

by dbrinks Last post 13:54 29/11/2016 346 4

I want to disable the green indicator on my bb passport

My bb passport I want to disable the green indicator and I couldn't find option to correct it

by theblindings Last post 12:30 29/11/2016 341 4

Blackberry Q10 shows roaming in local network??

Hi I have the same issues on two of my Q10's Recently I moved to another country and bought local SIM cards but my Q10 for some...

by maryjones Last post 12:27 29/11/2016 337 1

Hello guys, is it possible to change blackberry passport silver edition from OS 10 to android?

As whatsapp won't be suppoted next year i wanted to know if there is a way to go to android

by trusylver Last post 11:03 29/11/2016 504 2