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Buttons in Windows 10 have changed compared to Windows 8?

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hello, I have noticed that the form of buttons in Windows 10 has changed compared to Windows 8 and now they are more square shapes and it seemed that it dosen't look as good as before. I'm developing a user interface in JAVA and I noticed that the view of pushbuttons on the GUI in Windows 10 are different and as I have said not round designed as in Windows 8 and 7 .
Asked: 16:27 19/06/2016
wiseone 16:27 19/06/2016
I prefer "square". Too large radii and it looks like Android or iPhones (in my opinion).
frankc 16:27 19/06/2016
Well, what previously was square was made round and vice versa.I think, in a vein to do exactly opposite of what 8 was, maybe..
mandrake 16:27 19/06/2016
Doesn't look as good as before is a common theme.

Buttons in Windows 10 have changed compared to Windows 8?

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