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Can't transfer missing apps to new iPad?

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So I just got a new iPad, and when I synced it for the first time I got a message saying that 90 of my apps couldn't be installed because they 'could not be found.' They're there in iTunes, but if I try to reveal them in the finder it turns out they aren't actually on my computer at all. So they can't be installed.

Apparently Apple recently made it so syncing no longer backs up apps. Well, I did some research on the problem, and all I could find to solve it was to go to the Purchased section in the App Store and re-download them.

Except a large chunk of those apps are no longer IN the app store. I can't re-download them. They don't show up in the Purchases section at all! Is there really no way to get those apps from my old iPad onto my new one?
Asked: 16:30 27/04/2016
ezest 16:30 27/04/2016

If apps are no longer in the apps store its means the maker has removed them.


gieckboy 16:30 27/04/2016
Yes, I know that. But there are some apps that have been pulled from the app store that I would like to keep. I'm trying to find out if it's possible to transfer them from my old iPad to my new one if they're not already downloaded in iTunes, since now backing up doesn't copy apps to the computer anymore.

Can't transfer missing apps to new iPad?

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