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Can I connect 950XL Continuum via Surface Dock

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Hi br/>
So for my work I have a desktop PC and for remote working a Surface Pro 4 (I'm a photographer and need to use certain software in the field that is mirrored on my PC). I also have the Surface Dock which gives me additional connectivity when back at base.
A friend just sold me a 950 XL that they weren't using which I want to use as my work phone. I'm wondering if I can use my 950 XL in Continuum via my Surface Dock as I already have one but don;t have the Display Dock? I can see that I can charge the 950XL easily enough (if I would want to) via the Surface Dock, but anyone know if it will give me the same or similar functionality to the Display Dock to save me having to purchase one?
Many thanks
Asked: 17:27 28/09/2016
ukbill69 17:27 28/09/2016
Answer, probably not.
The Surface Dock has a connector specific to the Surface tablet for it's input/output signals.
The Lumia 950 uses Displayport over USB C for display purposes.
So I'd say unlikely unless someone else has figured it out but I can't see how.

Can I connect 950XL Continuum via Surface Dock

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