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Can I remove the little house icon on my home screen?

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I like to organize my phone to have only one screen with folders and such so I don't have to swipe to other screens. There's a little house icon on the bottom above my quick-apps bar that tells me I'm on the home screen, but there's only my home screen, nothing else. Can I remove this house icon to make room for another row of apps or just to spread out the rows I currently have and make it look nicer?

I have a Note 5
Asked: 02:18 29/03/2016
cdx 02:18 29/03/2016
What device do you have? You could try a custom launcher like Nova.
jonnyplatt 02:18 29/03/2016
I have a Note 5
jackobo007 02:18 29/03/2016
Get Nova Prime. You can do so much more than with the TouchWiz launcher. It's worth it.
sovereign6 02:18 29/03/2016
Sounds like you only have the one page set for apps. If you long press the screen, you can add more home pages. That house icon you're seeing has been there for a few years. It's to let you know which screen is set to your default home page. The only way to remove it is: install a launcher or pick a theme from the theme store.

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Can I remove the little house icon on my home screen?

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