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Can iPhone setting auto-answer text messages?

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Please help an old-time with an iPhone 5s.

I am being charged by my mobile phone service provider for making Premium Rate calls at exactly the same time every Sunday! The same time to the minute!

At the particular time I happen to be in church, every week in life (virtually) - approx 5 miles distant from my iPhone 5s - which I don't take to church.

Like many folk I receive countless unwanted text messages and I'm sufficiently savvy to delete the unfamiliar ones without opening them.

I'm not up to speed with all this Premium Number 'stuff' but am guessing that these absurd charges are for calls made and not for calls received.

So - some advice welcomed!

Can a setting on an iPhone 5s trigger a text message on an unattended phone.?

Meanwhile my provider is blocking ALL premium rate calls, but I've been seriously "stung" for some months - and my wife has just found out! so this is now a serious issue!!!

Any help appreciated.
Asked: 18:24 12/03/2016
golddust 18:24 12/03/2016

Is your carrier claiming a call was placed, or a text message was sent?

What country are you in and who is your carrier?

iMessage and FaceTime use text messages exchanged with Apple's activation servers in the UK. If you are using an unsupported carrier, or your account is not properly provisioned for an iPhone, you may be charged for those messages.

Next time, take your phone with you. Put it on silent and/or shut it off, but keep it with you. See if the problem recurs.
xzibit 18:24 12/03/2016
No, the phone can't automatically respond to a text message in any way. You can be charged for receiving premium texts though. Have your carrier block those, too.
mdorsh 18:24 12/03/2016
Thanks for the quick response.

I was not aware that I could be charged for receiving a premium text. My provider (Vodafone in the UK) has now blocked all Premium Rate calls - - received and sent. I have never knowingly "signed-up" for such calls.

A quick "Google search" tells me that the particular number is well known for multiple scams and that they have been reported many times to the Trading Standards Authority in the UK. Seems like a toothless regulator! I have been advised by Vodafone NOT to contact the Customer Service desk of the rogue calling company as this might prove even more expensive than the initial problem.

Thanks again - we live and learn!
xzibit 18:24 12/03/2016
I'm not in the UK but, in the U.S. you certainly can be. It can be quite the scam. It used to be common to advertise that one could get free ringtones or similar by texting a number. The very, very, very fine print was the only place that it also said you were subscribing to the horoscope of the day or something equally useless at premium text rates.

Can iPhone setting auto-answer text messages?

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