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can lumia 950 xl play windows media player program

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i was going to buy the lumia 950 xl today but the video player was not windows media player, i am looking for the same result as with windows media player to resize the video as a floating video and move around the screen much the same as with all my samsung products....does anyone have any idea why media player not on the lumia 950 it is windows 10 so i dont get it really, thank you in advance, mike
Asked: 10:54 08/08/2016
333 10:54 08/08/2016
1. Windows Media Player has been left in the legacy dust for the most part.

2. Windows 10 Mobile has its own Movies + TV and Music (Groove) apps.

3. Continuum does not let you do split-screen or move anything around as you'd expect. Yet, at least.

can lumia 950 xl play windows media player program

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