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Can't remove app icons from home screen

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I recently upgraded my BLU Studio Energy to lollipop. It added all of my app icons back to my home screen and I can't see a way to remove them. It looks like they intend for you to keep them all there since there is no other area to access your apps than the home screen. I hope I am just missing something because I will be very disappointed with my decision to upgrade if this is the case.
Asked: 06:48 11/04/2016
jamesw 06:48 11/04/2016
The normal way of removing app icons from any home screen is to long-press them and slide up to Remove, which removes them to the app drawer or locker. Similarly, they can be moved in the opposite direction, from locker to home screen. Are you saying that this does not work?
wispivey 06:48 11/04/2016
There is no ability to remove the icon even after a long press. When I long press it only gives the option to uninstall but not to remove the icon. There doesn't appear to be any locker either, just the home screen.
paulf1 06:48 11/04/2016
I'm having the same issue with my Studio Energy after upgrading to lollipop. There is no longer a Remove section when dragging an app shortcut. Any insights? Very frustrated
brainmass 06:48 11/04/2016
So this cannot be done on your device?
paulf1 06:48 11/04/2016
That's correct. There is no remove/garbage can when dragging an app. As OP suggested, it actually seems like this was an intentional change. There is no longer an app drawer. Seems exceptionally boneheaded, especially since they included Chrome on the home screen twice.
brainmass 06:48 11/04/2016
This is indeed odd for sure! I have seen a lot here lately, issues shortly following a major upgrade like you performed.

I would first recommend entering recovery mode, and doing a wipe of the cache partition, I don't think this is going to help, but it is worth a shot.

The Last Resort is a full factory reset of the phone. This function is not as bad as it used to be, as there are great programs out there, for example Samsung Smart Switch, and helium, both available in the Play Store.

I would certainly recommend to transfer all of your important photos from your phone to your computer first, before doing a full factory reset.

Good luck, keep us posted!

paulf1 06:48 11/04/2016
Yes, I had already cleared.cache and factory reset before posting. No dice.
brainmass 06:48 11/04/2016
Wow. If a factory reset didn't fix it, then there's nothing else I can think of. Sorry Aaron.
robrewski 06:48 11/04/2016
I think the latest version doesn't include an app drawer so all your app icons reside on the home screen. This means there's no way to delete them from there unless you want to uninstall. The only workaround is using a custom launcher, like Nova, to have a drawer again.

Can't remove app icons from home screen

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