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Can you link wired headphones to the apple watch via the iphone?

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Hi, I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to connect wired headphones to the iphone and then have them function with the watch the same way that wireless bluetooth headphones would function. I've looked at several bluetooth headsets and none have really interested me and come with a lot of downsides, so trying to determine if the same functions would be usable with wired headphones.
Asked: 08:24 30/04/2016
okguyjames 08:24 30/04/2016

No, that is not presently possible.
arasp 08:24 30/04/2016
I fail to see the logic in this... If you want to use the headphones for calls... well, they come through your phone, not the watch. If you want to use them for music, the only way for music to get on your watch in the first place is via the phone. What's the point?

Can you link wired headphones to the apple watch via the iphone?

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